World’s Most Beautiful Duck Shows Off Its Stunning Plumage with a Tailfeather Shake

In 2018, tourists flocked to Lake Burnaby and Lake Deer, on the outskirts of Vancouver, British Columbia province (Canada) to see a duck with a very strange appearance. It’s a duck named Trevor. Thanks to his colorful plumage, Trevor stands out from other common ducks.

Trevor Duck appeared in Burnaby Lake.

Not only watching, visitors also enjoy taking photos of the duck with orange, purple, white and blue feathers, which looks extremely gorgeous. Suddenly one day, Trevor duck disappeared the same way it had suddenly appeared in Burnaby Lake. Many people regret and even fear that the duck will be captured by someone. It was not until the end of November 2019, that photographer John Preissl, once again saw the duck at a location a few kilometers away. After a “disappearing” spring, Trevor duck reappeared to “model” for photographers.

Trevor duck possesses that beautiful colorful plumage because it belongs to the Mandarin duck breed, an extremely rare species and was voted as one of the 10 most beautiful animals on the planet.

They are called lovebirds because they usually go in pairs, the male is called the brood, the female is called the duck. They are always together as a couple. Only when the female incubates the eggs, does the pair temporarily separate and then return to each other. A female is only faithful to one male, so they are considered a symbol of marital happiness.

The characteristic of this animal is that they always “have a pair, have a pair”, side by side, so they are considered a symbol of couple happiness.

The male (the swan) often has colorful, outstanding plumage. They have red beaks, large white crescent-shaped feathers above their eyes and red faces and even “beards”. Their chest is purple with two longitudinal white stripes, the hips are reddish, with two orange sail-like feathers on the back.

The female (baby) has a white ring around the eye and a stripe that runs backwards from the eye and fades. Their plumage has small white stripes on the sides, and the tip of the bill is pale. The length of a lovebird is not more than 45cm, the average weight of each duck is only about 0.5kg.

They live mainly in eastern Asia such as Russia, China, and Japan. However, in recent years, due to changes in habitat, the number of this species in regions of Russia and China has decreased significantly, to less than 1,000 pairs.

The lovebird was brought to Vietnam to be raised a few years ago and has attracted the attention of many people who like to keep ornamental birds. It is also because of the rarity and attractive appearance that the love duck is quite expensive. On average, a couple costs from a few million to tens of millions of dong, with a couple of up to 25 million dong.

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