Unveiling The Hidden Gem Of Cambodia: The Pyramid Hidden Among Tree Roots

Beautiful Cambodia is not only famous for the magnificent Angkor Wat complex, but also for many ancient and mysterious sites that stimulate the curiosity of those who love exploration.

One of the prominent sites of the Angkor civilization is Koh Ker, which is home to a temple with a shape that reminds many people of the pyramids in Egypt.

Koh Ker was once the capital of Cambodia with a complex of temples dating back to the 10th century, located in the northern part of the country. It was built by King Jayavaraman IV (928-942 AD).

A unique seven-story pyramid called Prang is hidden in the dense forest and still stands proudly as the most famous site in this little-known heritage complex. The 35-meter high temple is designed to face west towards the city of Angkor and was built to worship Treypuvanesvara, the god of happiness.

When entering the temple, visitors will see a magnificent stone entrance with moss-covered ruins of the seven-story structure standing before them. A wooden staircase with a railing has been built to allow visitors to climb up to the seventh floor.

So far, 96 temples have been discovered in Koh Ker. These temples were not built close to each other. Today, many of them no longer stand firm, and some have been permanently buried underground.

There are still many small temples scattered around Koh Ker, but only a few are open to visitors.

Due to the sparse population and remote mountainous forest area, the surrounding areas have not yet been cleared of landmines. Therefore, only about ten sites among the many historical relics in this ancient city are accessible. This also makes the Koh Ker exploration trip more adventurous.

Unlike Angkor, you won’t have to jostle with long lines of tourists, allowing you to comfortably enjoy the beauty and historical significance of the ancient structures here. Since it is not as crowded as Angkor Wat, visitors can take photos without worrying about being caught in a crowd.

Although this is a destination with not many visitors, to ensure the most comfortable exploration trip, it is recommended to visit Koh Ker from May to November to experience the tranquility of this place.

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