Unfolding Beauty: The Remarkable Story of Flowers Blooming in the Snow

Snowflower is a flower that bravely overcomes the cold of winter to show off its brilliant colors on the cold snow. The story of the flower blooming in the snow is worth pondering over our own lives.

Born in a time when the snow is about to melt and one of the signs of spring, the snowflower in the West is a symbol of comfort and hope.

This flower symbolizing hope has been in legend since time immemorial. When Adam and Eve were driven out of the Garden of Eden, cold and frost covered the Earth, the snowflakes didn’t stop falling.

They grieve nostalgic for the flower garden and eternal spring in Heaven. Unable to hold back, Eva burst into tears of despair , winter on earth seemed to her eternal.

Witnessing that heartbreaking scene, God had compassion and turned the falling snowflakes into beautiful fragile flower bells.

Snowflowers are also considered to be the incarnation of an angel that still resides in the snowflake.

Flowers always bloom on gloomy days at the end of winter, signaling that everything will revive after a cold winter.

On Valentine’s Day in Denmark, boys send their friends snowflakes and send love letters to their loved ones with the question: “Do you want to be my snowflake?”

The Russians have a much longer story to tell about flowers through the snow. That once upon a time, the god of Winter, the god of wind and the god of cold wanted the cold to dwell on the earth forever.

Snowflowers stand upright, showing off their brilliant petals, proud and undaunted, calling the Sun God and Spring God back, bringing life to all species.

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