Unbelievable Geological Formations: Discovering the Strangest and Most Bizarre Rocks Found on Earth

Nature is amazing and always gives people a lot of surprises that sometimes seem inexplicable. In many parts of the world, people discovered rocks with extremely strange shapes. Many of them are also worshiped by the people, placing great religious beliefs on them.

1. Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, USA

It is a giant basalt rock up to 280m high formed from volcanic lava gradually eroded by wind and rain.

According to scientists, during the last eruption of the volcano, the upward thrust was so weak that the lava could not escape from the crater to overflow. Lava is located right at the crater of the volcano forming a stopper; It took decades for the stopper to cool down into a solid block of rock: basalt. Over a long period of time, wind and rain eroded the volcanic slopes, gradually reaching this layer of cooled lava. The nature of this lava layer is homogeneous and rare, when cooled, it is eroded to create polygonal pillars, parallel to each other vertically like an organ placed in a cathedral, so they are named “” basalt organ organ “.

(Photo: lib.utexas.edu)

2. The Way of the Giants in Ireland

The area of ​​Antrim, Northern Ireland, stands tens of thousands of stone pillars embedded in the ground, stretching out to the sea. Those are polyhedral stone pillars with 5, 6, 7 or 8 faces that have long been included in Irish legends with the name “The causeway of the giants”. They say that it was the giants who built this road, opening a passage across the sea. Scientists have studied and said that 60 million years ago, this land was a volcanic area, the magma layer from the inside of the volcano erupted through the fissures to the outside into layers up to tens of meters thick. They cool down over thousands of years, shrinking themselves to form large crystalline rock columns with polygonal shapes, possibly more than 2m high. Due to its proximity to the sea, the basalt columnsThis snake is hit by waves, gradually eroded, eventually creating giant cylindrical stairs arranged in no order.

(Photo: gaschurman.com)

3. Giant rock mushroom in California, USA

With a strange shape almost like a mushroom with a smooth, glossy bottom while the top is rough and angular. This strange rock is located in Death Valley, California (USA). Wind and water have participated in shaping this rock. According to geologists, it was originally a sedimentary rock, scattered here and there in the area. With a desert climate, the wind picks up sand grains, including very hard quartz crystals, hitting the rock mass, rubbing against its lower part, sometimes the wind picks up sand up to 2m high, abrasive, hitting shadow the foot part of the rock block; Over time, the rock has the shape of a strange mushroom.

(Photo: nau.edu)

(Photo: dennis-jackson.me.uk)

4. Devil’s marbles in Australia

People in the south-west of Australia call these ” devil marbles “. With the shape of two round stone blocks standing on lying rocks, in a very stable and balanced posture . Around the world, one can also find standing stone blocks in such a stable position in many places such as in Zimbabwe or Hon Chong in Vietnam. But there are few stones that are cut as round as these Australian “devil marbles” with a standing posture that is too high and weighs more than ten tons.

According to scientists, initially in the Earth’s crust , during the process of cooling and shifting, giant granite rocks were formed in the ground; Water seeps into the soil through cracks. The hot and humid climate changes over time, the rain fills up to create rivers, the river water gradually washes away the soft soil, the stones, pebbles, sand, the rest are two rocks too big not to be swept away. . Over time, the two stones that stand in equilibrium are worn away, smoothed by sand and wind.

(Photo: anu.edu.au)

5. Floating stones in Türkiye

In the Cappadoce area (Turkey), visitors can admire the rocks that are suspended on the tops of huge stable rock formations. The people of this area call them ” steps of angels”.

At first, the volcano spewed out a flurry of lava, melting everything around the side of the volcano, accompanied by ash and rock. All these materials combine over time to form a soft layer that stretches along the mountainside. Next, a second eruption of lava, which followed large rocks, formed a second flow that covered the original layer. Over time, rain, rivers, and waterfalls erode this second layer, excavating trenches, carrying the soft rock towards the valley, and the flow continues to deepen the original soft layer. Gradually, only giant hard rocks remained, with rocks on top (of volcanic origin). Thus formed the floating stones – ” the footsteps of angels “.

(photo: linternaute)

6. The giant stone apple splits itself – New Zealand

In the south of New Zealand Abel Tasman National Park is full of interesting rocks, but the giant rock apple is the most interesting of the rocks here, which is above sea level. of Tasman Bay. The crack between this rock is so neat and sharp that it makes people think that someone purposely split it with a saw blade.

7. Kjeragbolten

A smooth stone stuck between the fissures of two mountains in the Kjerag range in Norway, Kjeragbolten means “the key” of Kjerag. Visitors here often boldly stand on the precarious rock, but no one has the courage to stand and face down into the abyss below – 1,000 meters before touching the Lysefjorden glacier .

Photo: krfilm.net

8. Worship stone

Inexplicably, the 200-ton stone block has a similar shape to a… this hamburger can stand precariously on the tiny rock below. That is why it has become the most popular tourist attraction in North Yorkshire, England.

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