These images showcase the awe-inspiring yet disheartening beauty of Greenland’s vanishing ice

Change and the urgent need for action. The stunning photographs he captured in Greenland showcase the fragile beauty of the disappearing ice, serving as a visual reminder of the impact of global warming on our planet.

As Albert Dros embarked on his journey to Greenland, he was immediately captivated by the country’s abstract ice-caps, which resembled modernist sculptures along the coastline. However, he was also confronted with the harsh reality that these magnificent formations were melting at an alarming rate, surpassing all previous predictions.

During the summer in Greenland, temperatures soared to unprecedented levels, making it one of the hottest seasons on record. Warm air from Europe’s heat wave contributed to a significant increase in melt runoff, estimated at a staggering 55 billion tons during that period alone. This amount was approximately 40 billion tons more than the average recorded between 1981 and 2010.

Albert expressed his long-standing desire to visit Greenland, having previously explored the Arctic regions of Iceland and Norway. Fascinated by the cold and drawn to the escalating concerns of global warming, he felt compelled to witness firsthand the effects of climate change in Greenland.

During his two-week stay in Ilulissat, a relaxed and laid-back destination, Albert noticed a surge in tourism. Visitors from various countries and numerous cruise ships flocked to witness the awe-inspiring beauty of the region. He emphasized that the allure of Greenland’s mesmerizing ice formations was undeniable. The combination of the midnight sun casting vibrant colors upon the ice and the ethereal sky palette created a dreamlike atmosphere. Sailing through the ice fjord was described as a magical experience.

Guiding two photo tours in Greenland, Albert used small sailboats to navigate the area, allowing him to comprehend the sheer scale of the moving icebergs in the sea. The ever-shifting nature of these icebergs provided a continuous source of inspiration, enabling him to explore new landscapes at the same location each day. He sought out icebergs with intriguing shapes, arches, and holes, capturing their unique beauty through his lens.

Albert’s project aimed to present the beauty of Greenland in his own artistic way, transforming nature into art. By strategically positioning and navigating the sailboats through the ice, he created photographs that appeared surreal. The inclusion of the sailboats in the composition added a sense of scale, evoked emotions, and established a particular atmosphere. Through his work, Albert sought to emphasize the urgency of addressing global warming. He believed that the issue extended far beyond Greenland and encompassed the entire planet.

A beautiful arch iceberg in Greenland.

Albert Dros expressed his hope that his images would serve as a catalyst for raising awareness about climate change and the critical need for action. Each photograph showcased the delicate and vanishing beauty of Greenland’s ice, acting as a poignant reminder of the consequences of our actions on the planet we call home.

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