The World’s Most Bizarrely Colored And Shaped Banana Varieties

Red bananas

Red bananas are a group of banana cultivars with reddish-purple skin. This is a very popular type of banana, which has several names in English: red banana (red banana), red Dacca (red Dacca), banana Claret (Claret banana), Cavendish banana “Cuban Red”, Jamaican red banana, red Cavendish banana. Red bananas are also known by many other common names in other countries – about 25 foreign names.

Red bananas are sold all over the world, but they are most popular in East Africa, Asia, South America, the United Arab Emirates and Central America.

Pink bananas

The pink banana is an ornamental variety of banana, also known as Velvet banana (Hairy banana) or Musa velutina. This plant is native to Assam (India) and the eastern Himalayas (Nepal).

Pink bananas are mainly grown as ornamental plants. During the warm months they can be grown outdoors, with the onset of cold weather they should be moved to a house, conservatory or greenhouse. The plant reaches a small size and usually does not exceed 1,5 meters.

Green bananas

Bananas are green not at all because they are not yet ripe – there are simply varieties that have a green peel. As a rule, the fruits of such varieties are large and in their raw form are inedible. They are often used to make banana chips. You can also boil, bake and fry them. Aborigines sell them not in fruit shops, but in vegetable rows (along with cabbage, potatoes).

Dwarf bananas

One of the brightest representatives of dwarf varieties is the Senorita banana, also known by such names as Monkoy, Cariñosa, Cuarenta Dias. These are very small, thick and unusually sweet bananas.

Banana Senorita is one of the shortest varieties of bananas, growing to a height of only 2,44 meters. The fruit is 85 mm long and 34 mm wide.

Giant bananas

These huge bananas called Rhino Horn bananas or African Rhino Horn) are a hybrid variety of African bananas. The fruits of this variety are considered the longest among all banana varieties.

Rhinoceros Horn plants have a height of 3,6 to 6 meters.

Striped bananas

There is a rare variety of banana called Musa Ae Ae or Maia Manini, which has an unusual striped color. This plant is very whimsical to grow, therefore it is very rare.

The plant of this variety grows to a height of 5,5 meters, has colorful green-white foliage, sometimes with pink edges.

Wild bananas

Wild bananas outwardly differ little from cultivated varieties. The main difference is the presence of seeds in the fruit pulp.

Yellow bananas

These are bananas familiar to us, which you will not surprise anyone with. However, in order to reveal the topic of this article by 100%, we still decided to tell you briefly about yellow bananas.

A prominent representative of this type of banana is the Cavendish variety. Bananas of this variety are the most famous in the world, they account for almost half of the world’s production of dessert bananas, and the vast majority of them are involved in world trade. All this is due to the fact that Cavendish bananas have excellent taste, are well stored and transported, and are also disease resistant.

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