The Trending Craze in Japan: White Radish ‘Fitness’ Regimen Takes the Market by Storm

A farmer in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, with a Twitter account named @konsai_umemama , has become famous on the Internet for regularly posting funny pictures of vegetables.

The two most famous sets are “Escaping Daikon” and “Sexy Legs Daikon”. The main characters of these photos are daikon (a common white radish in Japan) with a special shape.

Since daikon is a root vegetable, they often grow large roots that can resemble human limbs. Instead of cutting out the excess, the farmer decided to put it in funny scenes and re-photographed it.

A daikon doing push-ups in front of a mirror.

“Daikon roams the fields”, “Daikon is running away from a dog”, “Daikon has to go to bed early tonight so he can make a long delivery tomorrow morning” … are funny captions posted by @konsai_umemama added to each photo.

According to Japan Crush, after just a week of sharing funny radish images, @konsai_umemama has gained 4,500 followers. The vegetable business of farmers in Hyogo is also much more favorable.

This person said the number of orders skyrocketed after his daikon photos became famous on the Internet. Some days, he has to get up early in the morning to deliver goods to 3 different agricultural stores.

Not only that, many TV shows also came to the farm in Hyogo to make this special radish program. Escaping Daikon images are so popular that they are even introduced in supermarket chains; print on calendars, toys and publish picture books.

Funny white radish image famous in Japan.

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