The Trees Being Tightly Bound Look Extremely Pitiful

As noted by reporter  Dan Tri , along the National Highway 5 through Long Bien and Gia Lam districts (Hanoi), all the Taiwanese eagle trees planted in the median have not been removed or loosened the iron rings and sticks. against, despite having grown tall. Some green plants show signs of “suffocation” and wither, dying over time.

A series of green trees in Hanoi have been planted for many years, but the “neck collar” is not removed to develop normally (Photo: Minh Hoang).

The “needle rings” squeeze deep into the tree trunk, forming large scarred grooves that affect the normal growth of trees (Photo: Minh Hoang).

This situation also occurs with the trees on both sides of the road in the area of ​​​​Pham Van Dong, Cau Giay (Hanoi). The section of Lang Ha Street, Dong Da District (Hanoi), the phoenix trees planted on both sides of the road and the median strip are also greatly affected by these iron rings bearing the reputation of “support”.

The eagle tree at the opposite position at 199 Nguyen Duc Thuan, Gia Lam district (Hanoi) has signs of leaf loss, dry stem, peeling bark. On the trunk appeared a clear squeeze about 1/3 of the trunk diameter created by the tree support ring (Photo: Minh Hoang).

Some trees have removed the iron cane but could not remove the iron ring because it was too deep and firmly embedded in the tree trunk (Photo: Minh Hoang).

The rows of trees are supported by iron poles about 2m high to help the tree grow vertically, avoiding breakage in bad weather. However, after the “support” period, the tree has grown and is able to stand firm and withstand the weather, but the functional forces did not remove the poles and iron belts, causing the growth of the trees to be affected. enjoy.

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