The Salvia Microphylla Flowers Look Like Real Birds

One of the longest-lasting flowering plants is Salvia microphylla . This plant is known as pink sage, mountain apricot, micro sage, chupeticos, mountain sage, and grenadine sage. It is native to Mexico and Arizona and belongs to the family Lamiaceae. It is widely used for decoration as an ornamental flower because its flowers tend to be long lasting and come in many colors.

In the following, we will show you the main characteristics and care that Salvia microphylla.

It is a small shrub that can measure up to 1 meter in height. It has rather weak stems of the semi-herbaceous type and they form a round mass. It is ideal for trimming and giving it a rounded shape, providing more privacy in your garden. Its leaves are light green and are oval and triangular in shape. Its smell is similar to that of mint.

Its flowers appear in clusters of fuchsia and carmine pink on the corolla. Flowering occurs in late summer and autumn. It has quite good cold tolerance, tolerates frost well with temperatures down to -15 degrees. It is also widely used because it can not only tolerate frost well, but also withstand heat and drought. This makes it a very versatile plant capable of withstanding almost any environmental condition.

Part of the resistance to different atmospheric conditions is due to the small serrated leaves and woody but finer stems. make it save energy. Therefore, it can save a lot of energy in maintaining its limbs and can save that energy to defend itself from cold, heat or drought. Leaves do not fall all year round and can flower for a long time.

Although the leaves are not edible, they can be used to make herbal teas. Thanks to the mint scent, it helps to relax the mind much more. The bright flowers attract a variety of pollinating insects. It can attract butterflies, bees and wasps and even hummingbirds.

The stems, leaves, and flowers all have essential oils used to help with digestive problems. The flower can also be used to combat eye pain if we use it and rub it on the eyelids. Leaves can be applied to relieve ear pain directly.

If we use it in the infusion, we can soothe the wounds and clear them in addition to soothing the bronchi during a more severe asthma attack.

Among the main applications it is used for is providing more biodiversity to gardens. Since it has a good, attractive aroma and lots of nectar, it has the ability to attract various insects to the garden and pollinate the birds. . This will help a lot so that your plants can pollinate better and faster. Insects play an important role in the exchange of genes in the garden and bring life to the ecosystem. Therefore, it is essential to have plants that can attract insects and other animals so that the garden is filled with quality and biodiversity.

They also serve to create floral stripes or small walls with a good appeal. They are used to intermingle or accompany the windbreak that they usually have in the garden for added stability and privacy too. It is useful for decorating relaxation areas because it requires little maintenance and usually does not expand. Just plant it, you won’t have to calculate much. Just wait for your flowers to grow and enjoy their beauty.

The only drawback that can be pointed out is that, at times, you can be able to relax in your garden quietly as the number of insects attracted to Salvia microphylla can be overwhelming and irritating . You can also accidentally bite into the strange food.

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