The Reason Why Every Summer Comes, Tourists Flock To South Africa To… Escape The Scorching Heat

South Africa’s winter period lasts from May to September due to its unique geography, and its location between two oceans, South Africa has a varied and mild climate that makes it a great destination. year round and especially in the winter months.

Beautiful beaches

Durban is South Africa’s summer vacation mecca, in winter it’s fine. Winter temperatures in this Indian Ocean coastal city are around 17°C. These days in Durban rarely have frost and snowfall, clear blue skies, golden sandy beaches and gentle days await visitors. You can enjoy any number of activities in and around this bustling port city from the Fitzsimons Snake Park on the coast to the Hills Valley. Durban is an unusual winter getaway but rich in experience.

Sardine Run

Winter introduces strangeness to the Sardine Run, one of the greatest natural phenomena on the planet. Sometime in June or July, sharks and sardines migrate up the coast to lay eggs in the cool waters of the continental shelf. They come close to the shore and are so numerous that you can get up close and personal with them. This is a featured image on the BBC’s Blue Planet, divers come from all over the world to witness the sight of fish such as sharks and dolphins lying tightly in nets close to the water’s edge.

Winter Festival

Due to the wonderful winter weather, although the nights are cold but the days are warm, South Africa has a lot of winter festivals. From the weirdest festivals to the funniest ones. The Klein Karoo National Arts Festival kicks off in Oudtshoorn in mid-April for a week-long party with over 150 shows. In late April, Afrika Burn lights up the desert in the Western Cape with fun, colorful sculptures, music and dance. The national arts and cultural festival with over 700 performances makes Grahamstown a mecca for culture lovers from around the country. The Grahamstown Festival runs from June 29 to July 9.

Surfing at Jeffrey Bay

Jeffery Bay on the East Coast, not far from Port Elizabeth, is a world-famous surfing spot. And it’s a great place to surf year-round, the winter months bringing something special to attract enthusiasts from all over the world. The winter months bring the most prominence due to the biggest waves. From July 12 to 23 JBay provides with surfing competitions, mountain bike racing, trail running, a kite festival and live music.

Looking for Snow

Although South Africa is not particularly famous for being a cold and white winter land, there are still some magical spots where a tourist can set up camp and have fun fire parties. The inland town of the Eastern Cape is not only breathtakingly beautiful, but also a good choice for viewing its snow-covered streets. If you head to the small village of Hogsback this June or July, you’ll likely experience a winter chill. Nestled in the Amathole Mountains, Hogsback is high enough to experience snow. The scenery of the forest covered with white snow is magical.

Karoo’s Sutherland

Sutherland, and is a small village located about 350km from Cape Town. In winter, the ground is covered with snow. The reason Sutherland is on the list of winter attractions is because since the 1970s, Sutherland has become an observatory of enormous proportions. Today it houses the largest telescope in South Africa and also one of the largest in the world. Because of no light pollution, Sutherland in winter offers visitors nighttime experiences with the best stargazing spots in the world.

Flowers in Splendor at Kirstenbosch

Usually everywhere, the time when the flowers are in full bloom is synonymous with spring. In the southernmost reaches of Africa, however, in the richest flower kingdom in the world, it’s the opposite. At the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden, which blends seamlessly with the native slopes of Table Mountain National Park, you have You can experience watching strange flowers scientifically known as fynbos. There are also countless other plants such as Proteas, sugarbushes, pincushions and conebushes that bring a colorful atmosphere to this land.

Go whale watching

Hermanus is an easy one hour drive from Cape Town. From July, southern whales must enter the shallower and slightly warmer waters of South Africa’s west coast. Because whale watching is easy for visitors, WWF named Hermanus one of the best whale watching spots in the world. Here, in addition to whale watching, visitors can also take a relaxing flight. and enjoy the view, catch a boat or even kayak if you’re feeling a bit adventurous. Whether you’re coming for whales, watching or enjoying seafood, Hermanus has a lot to offer every visitor.

Winter Safari

The winter months in Limpopo, Mpumalanga and KwaZulu Natal are dry months. Dry months mean limited water supplies and sparse vegetation. And both of these become a golden reason for visitors to come here to see the strange animals.

Due to limited water supplies, animals tend to congregate around waterholes. The sparse bushes will make it easy for visitors to spot the herd of animals. This is a great opportunity to see and photograph African wildlife.

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