The Most Unique and Bizarre Plant Species on Earth: Disc-Like, Blood-Red Resin Trees

Growing on the island of El Hierro, Spain, El Arbol de la Sabina (meaning “juniper bonsai”) has a peculiar shape. According to experts, this ornamental plant has such a peculiar appearance due to the impact of frequent winds blowing through.

The bonsai tree that grows Montezuma in the churchyard in Oaxaca, Mexico is one of the largest and “stumpest” trees on Earth. It is estimated that this bonsai has existed for about 300 years.

Boab prison bonsai in Western Australia is about 1,500 years old. The hollow tree trunk was once used to hold a prisoner overnight during his move to a new place of detention.

Bonsai of life located in the island nation of Bahrain has a lifespan of 400 years. It is one of the deepest rooted trees in the world.

The boojum bonsai growing in California, USA is notable for its saucer-like shape. According to experts, this tree can grow up to 15m tall. To reach this height, they must have existed for more than 500 years.

Dragon’s blood bonsai (Dracaena draco) occurs a lot in the Socotra Islands of Yemen. The tree has blood-red sap. According to one legend, the first dragon’s blood tree was born from the blood of a dragon that was injured while fighting an elephant. Since then, the sap of this plant has a red color like blood, hence the name “dragon’s blood tree”.

The kapok bonsai attracts attention with its strangely shaped trunk. It does, however, provide cotton-like yarns for rugs and life jackets. This ornamental plant can reach a height of more than 70m.

The ornamental plant Dorstenia gigas in Yemen makes many people happy when it has a large body and can grow on the cliffs hanging on the coast. Bonsai can be up to 4m tall and more than 1m in diameter.

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