The Most Splendid Colors Of Spring In Various Countries Around The World

Spring is seen by many as the season of renewal, rebirth, new beginnings, hope, love, beauty, allergies. Maybe not the last one…though pollen counts will tell you otherwise. Throughout the world, people celebrate the arrival of spring with a variety of festivities and traditions that are meaningful to each country’s specific culture. We’re going to take a look at some of the most interesting, colorful, beautiful, and symbolic ways that the world celebrates spring! Here are 12 spring traditions from around the world.

1. The Netherlands

Venturing through the beautiful canals amidst authentic Dutch houses in the main city of Amsterdam is probably what you fantasize about having a visit to the Netherlands. But did you know that the Netherlands is exceptionally beautiful during Spring? Yes, in this country, you can watch thousands of tulips vibrantly blooming, flaunting their gorgeous, delicate looks.

Tulip season occurs somewhere between the end of March to mid-May, but we generally recommend you to go there halfway through April, as the tulips bloom peaks during this time. Watch the tulips’ colorful bursts that make you feel like you’re in paradise!

Wonder where in the Netherlands you could see this enchanting beauty? Keukenhof in Lisse is the answer! You could opt for biking whilst watching different tulips bloom in rural fields. Absolutely gorgeous!

2. France

A neighboring country to the Netherlands, France also shares the same mesmerizing view of blooming flowers in Spring as the Netherlands does! Daffodils, tulips, you name it! As the weather gets warmer, the blooming, colorful flowers further festive the look of the city. Explore the flowers-covered city in France during the month of March till May, as the wildflowers bloom peak during this span.

Wonder which place you could opt for to experience the beauty of Spring in France? We recommend Paris for a city sightseeing experience with colorful flowers till its very corner, the famous Loire Valley, and of course, French Riviera! Enjoying the cool breeze of Spring amidst the colorful beaches are truly enchanting!

3. Japan

Spring is always everyone’s favorite season in Japan. As the snow recedes and leaves start to grow out of bare trees, so do the cherry blossoms! A peek at these gorgeous, delicate flowers are probably the main reason tourists yearn for a visit to Japan.

Cherry blossom, or commonly known as Sakura in Japanese, blooms somewhere around February and March, so go plan your visit to Japan during that time for a remarkable Spring holiday! Experience Hanami– a Japanese term for Sakura sightseeing in Shinjuku Gyoen as you walk through the paved tracks. Watch thousands of cherry blossom trees bloom whilst enjoying your picnic underneath. Irresistible view for your Instagram feed, indeed!

4. Switzerland

Switzerland could be another place where you can experience the beauty of Spring and welcoming the flowers bloom along the beautiful sceneries stretching along the mountainous landscape. Set your heart for a visit during this time of the year? Go for Switzerland!

Catch the blooming daffodils in the countryside of Montreux and other vibrant-colored flowers and greens amidst the majestic Alps of Switzerland. It is surely a beautiful place to experience the receding chill of winter and watch as nature comes back to life.

5. Greece

Another country that bursts to life during Spring and the place that you shouldn’t miss is Greece. One of the good reasons to visit Greece during Spring is you avoid the frenzies of tourists crowding Greece in Summer.

Summer in Greece could become ridiculously hot, which is why Spring seems to be the best time for a visit to Greece. Hiking through the paved rocks overlooking the local houses and secluded beaches underneath, the cool temperature and the blooming flowers nearby will make you seriously in awe!

6. South Korea

Another country where you could experience the oh-so-beautiful Spring is South Korea. As the chilly winter retreats, the cool breeze of Spring starts to take over. Meaning, a perfect weather for a picnic in the South Korean parks!

Watch as the trees and flowers bloom during this season in Jeju Island. You could also enjoy the lining trees that start to sprout leaves along the tracks in Nami Island. South Korea is the perfect place to be for a remarkable Spring vacation!

7. Italy

Spring is highly pleasant in Italy. The less-cold temperature and more sun make it a must-visit during this time of the year. Italy’s small towns start to come back to life, and the cool weather of Spring brings this dewy, dreamy look across towns. Not to mention that flowers are beautifully blooming all over the city!

During the month of May to June, you could even experience Spring festivals in Italy. This time would be the highlight of major tourist attractions during Spring. You could watch the locals further festive the look of the city with beautiful flowers in a festival called Infiorata. The fragrant smells and vibrant hues of the flowers make the city truly alive!

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