The Majestic Sea Creature: All About the Seahorse

Seahorse is a saltwater fish, although there are also some species that live in freshwater, the economic value is not as high. Seahorses have a rather unique shape compared to other fish, with a curved body, a convex belly while the chest and head are curved at an angle of almost 90 degrees.

The mouth of the seahorse is a long elastic tube. The fish’s tail is curled many times. Fish do not have fins in the abdomen but in the tail. This special shape has given the seahorse a unique beauty, attracting the eyes of aquarium enthusiasts.

Seahorses are loyal and faithful, having only one mate. It is because of this feature that many views believe that raising ornamental seahorses helps the family to be harmonious and the husband and wife happy.

Unlike other fish, female seahorses lay their eggs in a pouch under the male’s chest. The male will incubate the eggs and give birth. In addition, seahorse is also said to be a valuable remedy in Eastern medicine.

New studies show that seahorses contain antioxidant, anti-tumor components. Besides, seahorses also help improve physiological function, kidney tonic, yang …

Dried or fresh ornamental seahorses can be used as medicine, soaked in alcohol to treat diseases of blood circulation, asthma, respiratory failure… Raised as an ornamental in addition to making medicine and food, seahorses also have another function. …

Are seahorses kept as pets suitable or not?

With modern technology and supporting equipment, seahorses as pets are becoming more and more popular. If in the past, raising this type of fish was very difficult because they easily died because they could not adapt to the farming environment.

Besides, seahorses are also domesticated from a young age in hatcheries. Therefore, when buying home, if provided with enough basic conditions, ornamental seahorses will easily adapt and have stronger vitality than before.

The breeding of ornamental seahorses is becoming more and more widespread because the cost of tools and fingerlings is no longer too expensive, but at an early stage. Therefore, you can completely keep seahorses in an aquarium!

Instructions on how to raise ornamental seahorses 

In order for seahorses to grow and develop well, to be able to admire their beauty, you need to note a few techniques as follows:

Breeding tank: The material for the cement tank must be cleaned, dried before releasing the fish, and then pumped with treated water. Because seahorses live in a “salt wide” area with a salinity of 20-35%, it is very easy to raise. need to pay attention to the water source.

Many people also work hard to decorate the fish tank with a variety of sea fish, shells, and seaweed to resemble the habitat of seahorses. Besides, you can install more lights to make the aquarium more eye-catching and lively.

Temperature: The appropriate temperature for ornamental seahorses is from 27 to 30 degrees Celsius. Water should be changed every 5 days.

Food: Seahorses in the wild have a hunting habit. However, ornamental seahorses have been trained to eat “dead” bait. Their live food is usually shrimp, shrimp, zooplankton, worms… in addition, there are industrial food and canned dry food for ornamental seahorses. You should feed the fish 3 times a day.

In recent years, raising ornamental seahorses has become a trend. Therefore, there are many places to buy and sell seahorses. However, seahorses are very popular animals in the market, so their numbers in the wild are decreasing.

Many of these enterprises produce low quality fingerlings. This is a fish with poor vitality, carrying disease, high yielding fish is more difficult to raise. This is why it is important to choose a company with a good reputation.

Breeding ornamental seahorses is an elegant pastime. The technique of caring for and raising ornamental seahorses is not difficult. With the above simple knowledge and adequate equipment, you can have a beautiful, lively aquarium.

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