The ever-changing beauty of “The Sleeping Girl Statue in the Forest” continues to captivate the world with each passing season.

The Mud Maid is a sculpture situated in a garden in Cornwall, UK, created from mud and plants.

At a famous botanical garden in England there is a very famous statue of a maid lying down. This statue even changes according to the seasons of the year.

Cornwall in South West England is a magical place steeped in the fairy tales and legends of King Arthur. The Lost Gardens of Heligan – The Forgotten Gardens of Heligan – Europe’s largest garden restoration project is the perfect place for explorers, plant lovers and romantics. Inside the Heligan is the iconic Mud Maid sculpture.

Mud Maid is a “living” sculpture. That means her “clothes” and “hair” change with the seasons as grass, ivy, and moss grow and then wither.

The sculpture has a brilliant appearance in spring and summer; and looks completely different in fall and winter.

The Mud Maid was originally planned to be a statue of a mermaid. Plans changed when a member of the restoration team called her Mud Maid and so the tail was removed.

Instead of being built around a tree root, this sculpture is formed around a wooden frame along with straw, cement and clay which is then pinned to the frame to give the statue its shape.

This hugely popular sculpture has been on display since 1997 and has become an integral part of the garden.

Original model of this famous sculpture.

The iconic Mud Maid for the garden, crafted by two local artists – siblings Pete and Sue Hill.

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