The Astonishing 10kg Fruit Resembling a Sausage: A Perilous Hazard When Plummeting from the Tree

In Africa there is a special plant called Kigelia Africana (sausage). Their fruit dangles from a branch in the shape of a giant sausage. Some fruits are up to 1m long and weigh more than 10kg. Therefore, if it falls on the head, it can lead to injury and death.

It is also for this reason that people warn that if planting this tree for shade, it should be carefully calculated lest it cause harm to pedestrians.

The fruit of the Kigelia Africana tree looks like sausages. (Image source: Internet)

Despite its distinctive shape, this fruit is very sacred in the cultural life of many tribes in Africa.

These fruits appear in traditional rituals and are said to be a remedy for improving sexual performance.

According to the concept of indigenous people, if you take the sausage hanging in the house, it also helps to avoid wind storms and hurricanes. (Image source: Internet)

The flowers of this plant are red or chestnut, and bloom for several weeks in spring. The bunches of flowers hanging on the branches have the same characteristics as the Quynh flower in Vietnam, that is, it only blooms at nightfall. The life of the flowers is short, when it is almost dawn, they fall to the ground by themselves.

From small flowers, sausages will grow from small to large, ripening can take up to a year.

The smell of this flower is not pleasant at all, it smells like rotten fish. However, it has many magical effects.

The pods are an important ingredient in beer making in Africa because they can speed up the fermentation process. In addition, the fruit and leaves have also been used medicinally for many generations.

This exotic fruit plays an important role in the lives of African people. (Image source: Internet)

The seeds of the fruit are rich in energy, contain many nutrients and essential fatty acids, so Africans often roast them to eat.

Besides, the trunk is water-resistant, so the tribes built it into a canoe as a means of transportation on the river.

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