Tender Goodbye: Retiring Police K9 Bids Adieu with a Heartwarming Send-Off After Years of Faithful Service

“Godspeed my friend and thank you for all your service” 

For the past five years, this handsome dog named Bane has been serving his community as a K9 officer with the Fort Walton Beach Police Department in Florida.

In that role, Bane has worked tirelessly to both fight crime on the streets and to perform outreach as a furry ambassador for the force.


“[He’s] one of our goodest boys,” a police spokesperson told The Dodo.

But now, as Bane’s distinguished career comes to a close, he’s entering retirement with the sweetest send-off.


Last week, Bane’s handler, Officer Trujillo, held a little retirement ceremony for his beloved K9 colleague — one complete with a tasty snack to celebrate.

After officially being signed off duty over the radio one last time, the next chapter in Bane’s life began.

And though he’s no longer on the force, Bane will hardly be forgotten.


Going forward, Bane will continue living with his longtime handler at home — now as a friend and cherished pet.

“Thank you for keeping our city and our officers safe during your dedicated years of service,” the police spokesperson said. “Enjoy your retirement Bane, you deserve it buddy!”

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