Symphony of Stones: A Melodic Exploration of Geological Wonders

The rocks have the appearance of long vertical pillars of hexagonal shape, which is associated with the church organ. Huge stone pillars are located at a height of about 50 meters above the ground.

It is assumed that the “Symphony of Stones” is the result of the collapse of volcanic rocks, which are not excluded today. In this regard, it is recommended to admire the natural phenomenon at a safe distance.

It is hard to believe that neatly and symmetrically carved stones are created by nature itself, and not by human hands.

The Basalt Organ is an amazing natural landmark in the Garni Gorge! Nature has created hexagonal columns hanging over the river, which really create the impression of a huge musical instrument. And it seems that the rocks will now sing!

The Symphony of Stones is basalt rocks in the form of straight pipes and about 100m high. This attraction is called Symphony of Stones since the rocks seem to resemble a musical instrument organ from afar. Such rocks are formed during a sharp freezing of lava.

“Symphony of Stones” is a natural monument and protected by law. This is one of the must-see places of Armenia.

This majestic natural monument isn’t only a “must see” place in Armenia, but also “must have photos in” place. So besides an excursion there you can also take a photo tour to Symphony of Stones.

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