Surprising social media users, a special kohlrabi plant grows with an abundance of misshapen roots, resembling a fruit-bearing tree

The plant world is incredibly diverse, with numerous tree species exhibiting unique and rare shapes. Recently, the internet has been buzzing with excitement over an extraordinary image of a kohlrabi plant.

Typically, each kohlrabi plant produces a single root, which grows above ground. However, this particular kohlrabi plant is exceptional. It branches out into multiple smaller stems, with each stem sprouting a kohlrabi root, creating a truly remarkable sight.

Looking at the overall picture, this kohlrabi plant has multiple roots protruding from its stem, resembling a fruit-bearing tree overloaded with bountiful harvest. This unique image immediately caught the attention of social media users, leaving them astonished.

In the comments section, various speculations were made. Some believed that this was undoubtedly the result of… hybridization, as crossbred kohlrabi varieties are known to yield higher productivity and economic benefits for farmers. However, others suggested that the image could be a product of… photoshopped manipulation.

Furthermore, some opinions suggested that nature’s diversity allows for anything to happen.

Prior to this, there have been numerous instances of peculiar-shaped plants that have taken netizens by surprise:

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