Revealing The Enigmatic Wonder: Behold The Colossal Purple Grapes With Ethereal White Flesh!

What is Akebi Grape?

Akebi grapes are also known as “Japanese chocolate grapes”. This grape variety is found in the Tohoku region of the island of Honshu, Northern Japan. The reason people call them chocolate grapes because their flowers have a strong chocolate aroma. Akebi grapes can be grown all year round and harvested after 5-8 months of planting . Therefore, they usually appear in autumn in Japan.

Akebi . grapes

Each grape has an oblong shape like a mango with a length of up to 10-13cm. The special thing is that they do not grow in bunches like other grapes on the market. When ripe, Akebi grapes will turn from green to purple or purple-gray.

The inner part is milky white, smooth like jelly, mixed with many glossy black seeds like passion fruit. Most people often buy Akebi grapes as gifts because they have strange shapes and eye-catching colors.

The inside of the Akebi . grape

According to the seller, fresh Akebi grapes can be eaten with both the flesh and the skin. In which, the intestines are eaten raw and the shells are used as raw materials for processing dishes . Although the peel has a bit of a bitter taste like when used to stir-fry , mix salads , roll fried dough, etc., the bitter taste is no longer present. In addition, the Japanese people also use the seeds to extract essential oils and use the leaves to make tea . In addition, Akebi grapes are also very suitable for landscaping and decorating your home.

Many people, after trying Akebi grapes, commented that they have a rather light and strange taste, a bit like passion fruit but with a faint chocolate smell. In particular, this grape variety contains a lot of vitamin C and potassium to help promote health and make the skin smoother.

Akebi grapes contain abundant vitamin C content

The price of grapes Akebi

When this strange purple grape was imported into Vietnam, the price was not cheap at all. Some shops often sell a 1.5kg box of Akebi grapes for about 1,450,000 VND. Because they are quite rare plus shipping costs, the price can be up to 300,000 – 400,000 VND / fruit.

Akebi grapes are rare in Japan so the price is quite high

Above is interesting information about Akebi grape variety. Please share your experience when trying this unique purple grape with Bach Hoa GREEN! Thanks for watching!” placeholder=”html”>

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