Photographer Tran Quang Hieu Captures the Enchanting and Cherished Beauty of the North Vietnamese Countryside with His Artistic Lens

Life is becoming more and more developed, modern and urbanized; Magnificent buildings or bustling cities twinkling with more and more lights. But those were not luxuries and rarity. The prosperous life in the city sometimes makes people feel suffocated, rushed and want to find peaceful moments, the slow lifestyle of a countryside.

Where the peaceful countryside has bamboo ramparts whispering in the wind, shepherd children herding buffaloes, banyan trees in water wells have become an endless source of inspiration for writers, poets and even photographers.

Invite readers to join Special68 to admire the expensive frames of the Northern countryside by photographer Tran Quang Hieu.

The couple invites each other to take a cool summer afternoon bath – a very idyllic image through the lens of Tran Quang Hieu (born 1983) with a passion for photography.

Currently, the life of Vietnamese villages has been increasingly influenced and renewed by urbanization, so it is more or less no longer between the rustic and simple features as before. Tran Quang Hieu’s photographic images conveyed to readers are becoming more precious than ever.

Cool bath for buffalo.
In the afternoon, under the light of the sunset.
The children in the village invite each other to have fun.

The very everyday images through the artistic eyes of Tran Quang Hieu suddenly become vivid and eye-catching.

The images of bare children bathing in the river, herds of buffalo leisurely in the fragrant rice fields of young sticky rice, or fluttering paper kites… have created a peaceful and poetic Vietnamese countryside. Perhaps those images have become part of the beautiful memories of those who were born and raised in the countryside.

Under the village’s bamboo ramparts, Grandpa is telling me beautiful stories.
The shepherd child is humming the flute, a typical image of the old village.

Under the golden sunshine like pouring honey, she was sifting rice – a beautiful and simple image.

The image of a Vietnamese village always brings a feeling of peace and comfort in the soul, a scene that makes people want to return to the place called “homeland” wherever they go. The images conveyed to readers are considered a symbol of a peaceful village, surely when seeing these images, everyone’s heart is filled with nostalgia.

It is not only the images of banyan trees, wells, and communal yards that bring out the characteristics of the Vietnamese countryside, but also the image of a diligent and simple grandmother and mother.

She has gray hair, a headband and black teeth typical of northern grandmothers and mothers.
Planting season in the countryside.

The way back
In the village, on the occasion of rice harvest, we will see the scene of the smoke burning rice straw spreading throughout the field.
The harvest countryside is peaceful, when farmers are excited to gather the fruits of a hard planting season.

The beauty of the countryside is expressed through everyday life, through the beauty of labor and the most simple things.

Vietnamese villages are shrinking and disappearing day by day, maybe in the future they will no longer see these simple images but instead of high-rise buildings, companies, factories .. .

With many generations of Vietnam, if you have ever lived and had a childhood associated with the image of a village, enjoy a peaceful life by the village’s bamboo rampart, have a cool bath with your friends every summer afternoon, live In your mother’s lullaby, you are a very lucky person.

Pulling hooves on the river.

In the afternoon, the smoke from the kitchen spread in the space, making every child’s heart remember the family meals.
Sweeping leaves in the courtyard.

Thank you to photographer Tran Quang Hieu for bringing Special68 a peaceful and worthwhile space of a simple countryside but becoming rare in today’s modern life.

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