One Of A Kind: Exploring Australia’s Tree Of Life Lake

Australia is full of eye-dropping natural wonders. Many of which you’ve undoubtedly heard of or maybe even visited. But have you heard of NSW’s Tree of Life Lake?

The Tree of Life Lake is a Australia’s magnificent natural wonders. That we have Mother Nature to thank for its unusual yet inspiring formation.

The Tree of Life Lake is actually called Lake Cakora and it’s located on the NSW North Coast at Brooms Heads in the Clarence Valley (around 7 hours north of Sydney). The Tree of Life lake gets its nickname because it looks just like the Tree of Life at certain times of the year.

Lake Cakora and Cakora Lagoon are linked to an estuary connecting them to the ocean at Brooms Head Main Beach. These three bodies of water are surrounded by tea trees, which, when flushed with large amounts of rain and seawater drizzle tea tree oil into Cakora Lagoon to create a fascinating arboreal pattern that resembles the Tree of Life – how amazing!

Lake Cakora at low tide. Image via: Derry Moroney.

When looking at an aerial view of Lake Cakora and her Tree of Life formation, you’d be forgiven for thinking it couldn’t possibly be real. Real it most definitely is, and is one of Mother Nature’s beautiful quirks.

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