Mysterious Encounter: Stranded Eggs Resembling Aliens Elicit Fear and Confusion in Humans

Photos that look like an alien scene with hundreds of eggs of the terrifying Xenomorph species from the movie “Alien: Covenant” are “fever” on social networking sites in Japan, but know the Everyone must laugh.

If you’ve seen lead actress Sigourney Weaver break Xenomorph eggs in the “Alien” series, many people will probably get goosebumps when looking at the photos below. Because the scene in the strange photo makes people unable to believe it exists on this Earth.

Recently, a Japanese farmer posted these strange photos on Twitter and quickly attracted the attention of netizens.

In fact, this is a picture of cabbage plants in the early days of spring, when the outer layer of leaves has rotted, giving these familiar vegetables a strange appearance.

The photo looks like an alien scene with hundreds of eggs of the terrifying Xenomorph species from the movie “Alien: Covenant”.

Because last year’s vegetable harvest was bountiful, and because of the unusually warm winter, people in Japan did not eat hot pot, leading to a decrease in consumption of this cabbage variety. Many farmers don’t even bother to harvest cabbages in their vegetable fields, and let them die and become natural fertilizer. Cold winter nights cause the outer layers of vegetables to wither, creating a strange appearance.

A farmer noticed an uncanny resemblance to the alien eggs from the movie Alien and decided to post pictures of them on his Twitter account. And unexpectedly, it aroused the curiosity of netizens.

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