Meet These Enchanting Creatures: Pictures Showcasing Hand-sized Blue Butterflies

The Morpho butterfly has a beautiful blue color and the size of a hand was captured by a photographer in the Amazon forest.

Photographer Kelvin Hudson came across a magical scene that seemed like something out of a fairy tale. While in the forest, he captured a picture of a large tree covered with a beautiful cluster of blue butterflies. Most of these brightly-winged butterflies gather around the tree trunk while a few others spread out in small groups on the surrounding branches. Photo: Kelvin Hudson.

Kelvin Hudson’s photo is one of the best pictures of this beautiful blue butterfly and it helps the Morpho butterflies to become even more famous on social media. In the photo, there were many pictures of blue butterflies before, but not many. Photo: Pixabay.

The Morpho Blue Butterfly is one of the most iconic and beloved of the Amazonian butterflies. The Amazon rainforest is the most biodiverse environment on earth, home to an array of amazingly captivating creatures, including the blue Morpho butterfly. Photo: Animalcrossing.

These beautiful butterflies have a distinctive vivid blue color and shiny wings that reflect light, making them easy to stand out among the foliage. Photo: Kelvin Hudson.

The Morpho blue butterfly is one of the largest butterflies in the world, measuring about 16 cm long and with a wingspan of up to 20 cm. They can be found throughout the forests of South and Central America, especially Brazil, Costa Rica and Venezuela, their habitat also extending into North America. Photo: Animalcrossing.

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