Giant “Chili” Sprouts From A Candlestick Tree, Standing At 10 Meters Tall With A Fruit Measuring 1.5 Meters In Length

Candlestick is a woody, rough-bark tree in the family Bignoniaceae, native to Panama. This plant has the scientific name Parmentiera cereifera, often grows in many different environments whether it is tropical or cold, but it will grow best in forests with a lot of rain.

Candlesticks can be up to 10m high, white flowers and fruits are grown in large and long bunches. When the fruit of this plant is still green, the shape and color of this plant is very similar to that of chili peppers, especially its taste is quite similar to bell peppers, so many people have called it “giant chili”.

The candle has fruit that look like giant chili peppers.

The fruit of the candle grows directly from the trunk of the tree, when young it is green, slightly curved and has a sharp tip, on the bark there are also quite a few veins. From a distance, the tree is big and wide, with bunches of fruit hanging on the trunk, which looks very fancy.

The fruit of this tree growing directly from the trunk looks very fancy.

The fruit looks like green peppers.

The fruit will lengthen and turn yellow.

It looks so special, but the fruit of this tree is actually edible and has a very good taste. Many people think that its taste is like bell pepper and sugar cane juice, some say that this fruit is even sweeter than an apple. That is why people who grow this tree will take the fruit to eat it raw or process it into dishes in a meal or make a pickle dish. It is known that this fruit is also a fruit that contains a lot of healthy nutrients such as vitamin A. In addition, the fruit is also used by people as a very effective remedy such as curing cold or diuretic.

This fruit is completely edible and tastes delicious.

The inside is succulent, fragrant and sweeter than an apple.

Candles are not only grown by people for fruit, but also used as ornamental plants by many people. In the flowering season, the tree becomes very beautiful by the white flower clusters, blooming and blooming.

When this tree blooms, it creates a beautiful scene, so many people grow it as an ornamental plant.

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