Discovering the Beauty of the World’s Most Stunning Roads

There are countless stunning roads and scenic routes all around the world, each with its own unique charm and beauty. From the winding coastal roads of California to the dramatic mountain passes of the Swiss Alps, these roads are not just a means of transportation but also an adventure in themselves. In this posts, we will explore some of the most beautiful roads in the world, each offering a different and breathtaking view of the world around us. So fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a journey through some of the most awe-inspiring roads on the planet.

US Route 163 (USA)

Highway 163, which begins in Arizona, is 103 kilometers long. It runs through Navajo lands and ends in Monument Valley, Utah. America is generally famous for its unusual and picturesque nature, but you can hardly see such beautiful panoramas anywhere else — a combination of lifeless desert and majestic rock massifs. They look especially spectacular at sunrise and sunset.

US Route 163 is also known for being part of the famous Trail of the Ancients, a concentration of historical, archaeological, natural, and cultural sites in the United States.

Monument Valley at Sunrise Overlooking the Navajo Reservation

US Route 163 © Javen / Shutterstock

Monument Valley near the Arizona-Utah border on the Navajo reservation

US Route 163 © Javen / Shutterstock

Amalfi Coast Road (Italy)

Amalfi is the most beautiful and popular coast of Italy. It includes the village of the same name and another, no less famous town called Politano. There are many more tiny settlements with colorful houses scattered around them amidst amazing natural landscapes. The Amalfi Coast is literally breathtaking to drive along, with the beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Scenic Amalfi Coastal Road

Amalfi Coast Road © Pfeiffer / Shutterstock

The road on the magnificent Amalfi coast

Amalfi Coast Road © Pfeiffer / Shutterstock

Great Ocean Road (Australia)

The best way to experience Australia’s great natural beauty is to take a trip along the Great Ocean Road. It’s an excellent opportunity to see all of Queensland’s most important attractions — the Great Barrier Reef, Hinchinbrook Island Reserve, the beach town of 1770, Capricorn Caves, the magnificent beaches of Proserpine, and the majestic waterfalls of Wooroonooran National Park. These and many other wonders will fill a journey along the continent’s most scenic route. It begins in the state capital Brisbane, lasts about six days, and ends in tropical Cairns.

The Twelve Apostles is a group of limestone rocks

Great Ocean Road © kavram / Shutterstock

Great Ocean Road © JADE Zhang / Shutterstock

Tianmen Mountain Road (China)

The world’s longest cableway leads to the top of the famous Tianmen Mountain, but it is much more fun to drive to this attraction in China by car. People come here to see the numerous natural and artificial wonders with their own eyes — the mystical Heaven’s Gate arch, the magnificent Buddhist Tianshan Temple, the glass path at the edge of the abyss, and the pristine nature of the reserve.

The road to Tianmen Mountain is considered one of the most beautiful in the world — the winding serpentine road of about 11 km consists of 99 intricately twisting curves, opening up stunning views of the panorama of the sacred mountain.

Tianmen National Park winding road in clouds of fog

Tianmen Mountain Road © BlurSolutions / Shutterstock

View of the beautiful Tianmen Mountain in China

Tianmen Mountain Road © Vizilla / Shutterstock

Milford Road (New Zealand)

The picturesque Milford Road is deservedly considered New Zealand’s most beautiful road. It became particularly popular after the release of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, as many scenes from the film were filmed along this route. It also leads to Milford Sound Fjord, which was named the eighth wonder of the world by writer Rudyard Kipling.

The trail begins at the small town of Te Anau and continues through a spectacular, rugged landscape — through a tunnel and gorge, past a magical, moss-covered rainforest and Mirror Lake. The route is quite difficult, so you can’t drive fast here, but it’s for the best. This way, you can see all the natural wonders of this amazing and beautiful region in detail.

The road to Milford Sound among the majestic mountains

Milford Road © MawardiBahar / Shutterstock

Seward Highway (USA)

The Seward Highway, 202 km long, connects the Pacific Coast city of the same name with Anchorage. This very beautiful road is part of the Alaska Trail. It runs along Turnagain Bay, through the scenic peninsula and the Kenai Mountains and the northernmost forest in the United States, the Chugach Reservation. Traveling through the realm of mountains and permafrost is best from mid-May through September, when daylight hours are at their peak and temperatures are comfortable enough for the trip.

Camper rides a winding road in Alaska

Seward Highway © Dan Thornberg / Shutterstock

Hai Van Pass (Vietnam)

The beautiful road through the Hải Vân Pass offers incredible views of the blue sea, framed by the lush green of the mountain forests. It is regularly ranked as one of the most interesting tourist routes in the world. The length of the road is only 21 km, but you should be careful on the way — the winding mountain serpentine is dangerous, especially in bad weather. Hai Van Pass winds through steep hills, offering scenic panoramas of the Da Nang coastline and views of the stunning Annamite Range.

The road that runs along the coastline of the mountains near the city of Da Nang

Hai Van Pass © Romas_Photo / Shutterstock

Stunning loop at Hai Wan Pass

Hai Van Pass © Oskar Hellebaut / Shutterstock

The North Yungas Road (Bolivia)

The road that connects La Paz, Bolivia’s largest city, with the district center of Coroico, is often called the Road of Death because it is such a dangerous stretch of mountain, even unpaved in some places. No fences, dizzying precipices, and precipitous drops from 4,200 to 1,200 meters do not stop tourists from admiring the magnificent rainforest and the clouds that hang over the peaks and fill the lowlands.

Another way is a wide and safe trail that bends around the mountain range, but it does not stand out for anything special. This route is only worth taking during the rainy season, from November to March, when the Yungas Road is a serious hazard.

The North Yungas Road in Bolivia leads from La Paz to Coroico

The North Yungas Road © Andrew Clifforth / Shutterstock

Death road is one of the most dangerous roads in the world

The North Yungas Road © Brester Irina / Shutterstock

Combe Laval (France)

The beautiful Combe Laval mountain road has long stopped being an important trade route and turned into a tourist attraction. Its steep bends, climbs, and descents now challenge cyclists who decide to ride through the beauty of the French Alps. There are plenty of gentle parts on the route so that such a ride does not turn into a real ordeal. The most beautiful and spectacular section of the road is considered the route between the villages of Saint-Jean-en-Royans and Col de la Machine. It is almost 13 kilometers of magnificent nature with green and rocky areas inhabited by wild animals that are not afraid of humans.

Vercors landscape

Combe Laval © RudiErnst / Shutterstock

View of Com Laval

Combe Laval © RudiErnst / Shutterstock

Sossusvlei Road (Namibia)

The Sossusvlei Road usually starts from the village of Sesriem, where most of the campsites and lodges in the region are located. The paved road is more than 60 km long and then turns into an unpaved road (about 5 km of wild sands), where only a four-wheel-drive vehicle can pass.

There are a huge number of photos published with panoramas of sandy mountains and cracked yellow silt of Namibia, but you need to see everything with your own eyes to feel the desert charm of Namibia’s vast expanses. And a trip along the Sossusvlei Road is the best way to experience this African country’s wild but beautiful nature.

The most interesting and beautiful sights on the route are the famous Dune 45, the unimaginably bright colors and unbelievably flat surfaces of Takyr Dry Pan Deadvlei, and Big Daddy, Namibia’s second-famous dune, from the top of which you can enjoy fantastic views of the surroundings.

In the morning on the way to the sand dunes of Sossusvlei

Sossusvlei Road © Gary Proctor / Shutterstock

Aurelia Road (Italy)

The ancient Aurelia Road runs along the Tuscan coast — from central Italy to southern France. It was built more than two thousand years ago and now confidently claims to be the most beautiful road on the Apennine Peninsula. If you take the route from bustling Rome, you can visit the sunny coast of Lazio, enjoy the beauty of the reserve of Cinque Terre, visit the ancient Genoa, and wander the streets of musical Sanremo, visit the beautiful town of Noli, and see the former residence of Frederick Barbarossa, the French Arles, at the end of the route.

Sea storm on the coast and the Calafuria bridge on the Aurelia road

Aurelia Road © StevanZZ / Shutterstock

Chuya Tract (Russia)

In 2014, National Geographic magazine included Chuya Tract in the top 10 most beautiful roads in the world. This is not surprising because it passes through the most picturesque region of Russia, Altai, allowing you to see all the variety and breathtaking beauty of its natural areas.

The Chuya Tract starts from the town of Biysk, goes through the Chuisky and Kuraisky steppes, passes the Chike-Taman and Seminsky mountain passes. The route ends at the border with Mongolia, at the Durbet-Daba Pass. The length of the entire route is 589 km.

The road in the Chuysky tract

Chuya Tract © Olga Gavrilova / Shutterstock

Chapman’s Peak Drive (South Africa)

The five-kilometer-long Chapman’s Peak Drive connects Cape Town’s southern Noordhoek neighborhood with the suburb of Hout Bay. It’s often closed due to rockslides and bad weather, but if you’re lucky enough to get Chapman’s Peak Drive open, you can’t miss the chance to admire the spectacular seaside scenery. Locals claim that nowhere else in the world are such beautiful views, so it makes sense to ride along the road by car or bike to see if that’s true.

Chapman's Peak Drive

Chapman’s Peak Drive © Ivan Notarstefano / Shutterstock

The winding coastal road to Chapman's Peak Drive

Chapman’s Peak Drive © Alex Marais / Shutterstock

Ruta 40 (Argentina)

Latin America’s longest road begins near Tierra del Fuego in southern Argentina, winds through Patagonia along its border with the Andes, and ends in the north, near Bolivia. The longest route (about 5,000 km) crosses 20 nature reserves, 18 major rivers, 23 mountain passes, and the maximum height of one of them is 5,000 meters.

There are no tow trucks and almost no mobile communication, and wind speed on the Patagonian territory sometimes reaches 200 km/hour, but all these inconveniences and dangers are fully compensated by the magnificence of the majestic mountain and desert landscapes. They are so beautiful that the Ruta 40 has become a national pride. Many Argentines consider it their duty to take this route at least once in their life, making sure to visit Los Glaciares National Park and the Perito Moreno Glacier.

Scenic unpaved stretch of the famous Ruta 40 road near La Poma

Ruta 40 © Pedro Carrilho / Shutterstock

Blue Ridge Parkway (USA)

The Blue Ridge Parkway is often called America’s Favorite Road, and it is a worthy contender for the title of the most beautiful in the United States. No other highway in the country can boast similar popularity. The government even had to declare the Blue Ridge Parkway a conservation area. Now, certain rules apply along the whole length of the scenic drive, including two other national parks in the country.

The Blue Ridge Parkway is 755 miles long, and much of it runs along the top of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia and North Carolina. There are beautiful panoramic views from the highway, but you can stop at any time to admire the scenery from one of the numerous lookout points. There are also a number of waterfalls along the way, and they are considered the main attraction of the Blue Ridge Parkway. There is usually a dirt trail or a hiking trail that leads to them.

Craggy Pinnacle Tunnel on Blue Ridge Boulevard in North Carolina

Blue Ridge Parkway © Jon Bilous / Shutterstock

Furka Pass (Switzerland)

The high-mountain highway Furka Pass goes through the Swiss Alps pass of the same name, connecting the towns of Ulriken and Realp. This beautiful road is part of the popular tour called Three passes. The length of the route is only 33 km. It is suitable not only for trips by car but also as a bicycle route in good weather. Even if you don’t have your own transport, you can ride the scenic Furka Pass by train. However, part of the way is through a railroad tunnel cut through the rocks, so the ride on the Furka Pass highway itself will be much more enjoyable. It will give you stunning views of the Rhone Glacier and a couple of stops for hiking trails against a backdrop of magnificent alpine scenery.

Furka road bends to the high-mountain pass Furka

Furka Pass © Boris Stroujko / Shutterstock

Serpentine road in the central Swiss Alps

Furka Pass © Boris Stroujko / Shutterstock

Ocean Drive (USA)

The famous Ocean Drive begins near South Beach in South Miami and runs north to 15th Street. A ride along Ocean Drive is worth it to see plenty of popular hotels, restaurants, and bars that have appeared many times in numerous movies and TV shows. For example, the Colony Hotel, the world’s most photographed Art Deco hotel featured in Dexter; the Sunray Apartments featured in Scarface; and the famous Caribbean restaurant Mango’s Tropical Café, known for live performances by dancers and singers.

Aerial view of illuminated Ocean Drive and South Beach

Ocean Drive © Nejron Photo / Shutterstock

Aerial view of Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive © Mia2you / Shutterstock

Route 1 (Iceland)

For those who decide to travel in Iceland by car, Route 1 is definitely the best choice. The country’s main highway is 1,322 km long and is a circular road that connects all the country’s major population centers. It will take at least a week to see all the beauty and natural attractions along the way. It’s so beautiful that you can’t help but want to get off the road and walk around. The list of must-see stops includes the picturesque Snæfellsnes Peninsula, the Westfjords Region’s countryside, and the highlands’ rugged cliffs, only open to visitors in summer because of challenging weather conditions.

Route 1 in Iceland

Route 1 © Shane WP Wongperk / Shutterstock

Road to Hana (Hawaii)

The road to Hana is the most popular and beautiful highway in Hawaii. It’s only 84 kilometers long, but it usually takes a day to get from Paia to its destination because of the slow traffic and many stops. The winding road offers more and more wonders at almost every turn — stunningly beautiful cliffs, the black beaches of Waiʻanapanapa, hanging waterfalls, and bright green valley hills literally make it necessary to stop and walk around taking pictures of the incredible nature of Maui.

Asphalt road in the jungle

Road to Hana © Mark1260423 / Shutterstock

Drive to Hana also known as Hana Highway

Road to Hana © Nicole Glass Photography / Shutterstock

Mount Cook Road (New Zealand)

This beautiful road, also known as State Highway 80, is the most interesting coastal route in New Zealand. It runs along the shores of glacial Lake Pukaki, and it ends in Mount Cook National Park after 55 kilometers.

You want to stop and get out of the car literally from the first minutes of your journey as it is so beautiful here. But the best photos can be taken from the observation deck of Petra and at the foot of Mount Cook. These locations were used for filming many scenes in the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies.

Mount Cook in the distance in New Zealand

Mount Cook Road © Avant Visual / Shutterstock

Transfagarasan Road (Romania)

The road, which got its name after the Fagaras mountain range through which it passes, is deservedly among the ten most interesting sights in Romania. The track was built relatively recently, about 50 years ago, but is very popular among travelers.

When traveling on the Transfagarasan highway, you can visit the mountain Bâlea Lake, from which there is a funicular line to the waterfall of the same name, the highest point of Romania, Moldoveanu Peak (2544 m), and admire the lake Vidraru, driving through the arch of the hydroelectric power plant.

The Transfagarasan highway is popular not only because of the beautiful scenery. Tourists use this scenic road to visit the Bran Castle, where Count Dracula once spent the night, and to admire the medieval architecture of Wallachia.

Road routes on the Transfagarasan Pass

Transfagarasan Road © Mihai_Andritoiu / Shutterstock

Curved road through the forest

Transfagarasan Road © Calin Stan / Shutterstock

Karakoram Highway (Pakistan — China)

The Karakoram Highway follows the ancient route of the Great Silk Road and is the highest international highway in the world. Almost 1,500 kilometers of asphalt road passes by the eternal ice of the highest mountains on the planet, along bottomless gorges and rushing mountain rivers. This route allowed everyone to travel in comfort through completely impassable terrain, admiring the amazing wild beauty of Pakistan and Western China.

Tourists are attracted not only by nature. It is unlikely anywhere else to encounter such a variety of ethnographic colors and meet so many historical monuments in one trip. The best time to go on a fascinating trip along the Karakoram Highway is from May to October, especially if you want to ride a motorcycle or bicycle along the route. The pass is closed the rest of the time due to difficult weather conditions.

Karakorum Highway in Northern Pakistan

Karakoram Highway © Aranya 22 / Shutterstock

Karakoram Highway and Skardu side road in northern Pakistan

Karakoram Highway © Lukas Bischoff Photograph / Shutterstock

A82 Road (Scotland)

As the second-largest road in Scotland, the A82 is part of the London-Carlisle-Glasgow-Inverness route, which is 269 km long. It attracts many tourists wishing to get a closer look at the classic panoramas of rural Scotland. The picturesque evergreen meadows, lakes, cliffs, literally drowning in dense fog, are the main attraction of this beautiful road.

Dorege Bridge A82

A82 Road © richardjohnson / Shutterstock

Iroha Zaka (Japan)

In Japan, they say you can’t say the word “magnificent” until you’ve been to Nikko. And it’s true. Few things in the world can compare to the beauty of this national park, through which the Iroha Zaka road intricately winds like a serpent’s snake. Strictly speaking, it consists of two one-way parts. You can take one to the top of the forested Oku-Nikko Hill and the other to the bottom. Alternatively, you can take the cable car, but then you won’t be able to visit the observation deck, which offers a view of the most beautiful natural attraction of the reserve, a group of waterfalls.

Serpentine road in the autumn Japanese mountains

Iroha Zaka ©

Highway 1 (USA)

The California Highway is part of the Pacific Coast Highway and runs along the state’s Pacific Coast, recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world. The road connects San Francisco with Los Angeles and is rich in all sorts of attractions. There are small but picturesque little towns along the 1,055 kilometers of the route, and there are amazing views of the city with lots of bays to explore. You can admire the beautiful ocean views from the car, but most of the high capes have observation points, where you can relax, have a bite to eat, and, at the same time, admire the surroundings.

It makes sense when planning a trip to the cape to try and plot a route on google maps in advance. If the program persistently suggests a detour, it means that the route is now closed due to heavy rains or a rock slide — something that happens regularly here.

View of the Bixby Bridge on the Big Sur waterfront

Highway 1 © Frank Fell Media / Shutterstock

Bixby Bridge in Big Sur

Highway 1 © Maks Ershov / Shutterstock

Great Alpine Road (France)

It is impossible to explore the beauty of the French Alps without a trip along the Route des Grandes Alpes. The grandiose tourist route is 720 kilometers long, crosses 17 passes, and reaches the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Snow-capped mountain tops drowning in clouds and lush green meadows with grazing sheep herds, glaciers, crystal clear lakes, the natural beauty of the Vanoise National Park, and the ancient architecture of numerous communal towns — all this awaits travelers who decide to see a beautiful Alpine fairytale.

Dolomites in Compaccio

Great Alpine Road © Creative Travel Projects / Shutterstock

Mountain pass between France and Switzerland

Great Alpine Road © Andrew Mayovskyy / Shutterstock

Eagles Road (Norway)

The Eagles Road (Ørnevegen Trail) consists of nine serpentine roads with a total length of only 7.1 km. The short distance allows you to cover it on a bicycle, even on a slope of about 10°. The trail is located between the villages of Eidsdal and Geiranger. It was used as a test track for testing cars in difficult winter conditions, but now the Eagles Road is mostly used for tourism. An observation deck is located at the top of the climb, where you can admire the famous Seven Sisters Waterfall.

Eagle road in Norway

Eagles Road © evoPix.evolo / Shutterstock

Carretera De Sa Calobra (Spain)

The winding mountain serpentine of Carretera de Sa Calobra can definitely be considered the most beautiful road of Mallorca. The best time to come here is early in the morning, when there are not many buses and cars, to take pictures of the cliffs and the Torrent de Pareis Gorge. There are special platforms on the road, which offer magnificent views of the mountains. The whole trip takes about an hour and ends near the small but very beautiful beach of Formentor with black sand, stones, and emerald green water.

Carretera de sa Calobra on the island of Mallorca

Carretera De Sa Calobra © Zoltan Duray / Shutterstock

Denali Highway (USA)

The Denali Highway is a gravel road, so it is open to cars from mid-May to October. The only vehicles on the road are snowmobiles and dog sleds in winter. When the weather is nice, you can take in views of the mountains and glaciers of Alaska’s Central Range.

The Denali Highway is used primarily by hunters, fishers, and birdwatchers as it offers ideal conditions for birdwatching due to the alpine terrain, which is rare in the region.

Throughout the Denali Highway, there are campsites and campgrounds where campers can stay for recreation and hikes in the untouched wilderness of Alaska.

Landscapes on Denali Highway in Alaska

Denali Highway © Galyna Andrushko / Shutterstock

The Ring Of Kerry (Ireland)

The Ring of Kerry is one of Ireland’s most popular hiking trails. It runs through the Iveragh Peninsula and includes some of the most beautiful and interesting attractions in the region. These feature Killarney National Park and lakes, the picturesque Black Valley, Ross Castle, and Muckross House Museum, as well as many historic churches and monasteries.

The total length of The Ring Of Kerry is 166 km. Many people prefer to travel on this beautiful road by car, but there are also hiking and biking trails, and in the summer, you can go on a bus tour.

Scenic view of the Gap of Dunloe in County Kerry

The Ring Of Kerry © essevu / Shutterstock

Gap of Dunloe in the Ring of Kerry Route

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