Discovering Plant Species That Can Thrive In Harsh Rocky Terrains

Trees That Grow in Rocky Soil

1. Fir Trees

One of the best trees to grow on rocky soil is fir. This coniferous evergreen grows all year round. However, they need full or part sun and need moisture in the soil. They are known to grow well in rocky soil because they are native to mountain ranges across the globe.

The rocks on the soil can help radiate heat towards the soil. Not only does it provide heat, but its warmth can also produce a bit of moisture that could trickle down the soil.

There are different types of fir that grow throughout North America. The popular and more northern fir tree is called the balsam fir, it is found more in the northeastern United States, and throughout Canada. Fir trees are native to North/Central Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Other types/species of fir, are found throughout North and Central America, Northern Africa, Asia, and throughout Europe.

2. Birch Trees

Birch trees are deciduous trees that prefer sunlight and crave moisture. A rocky soil could help them flourish in areas that lack both.

In Canada, you will find birch trees growing all over the country. Particularly parts of the East and Northwest, some places you can find some birch trees thriving. I live in Atlantic Canada and my childhood home had 2 huge Birch trees. They had no problem growing!

Birch trees thrive mainly in arctic and northern temperate regions worldwide. If wondering where they are found in the United States, usually in the northern locations.

3. Pine Trees

One of the best things about growing pine trees is that they thrive in both sunny and shady areas. But while they are better on sandy soil, your rocky soil can still help it get the heat that it needs if you think you lack sunlight in your area.

Pine trees are exclusive to the Northern Hemisphere. You will find them growing in many places in North America, Europe, China, Southern Asia, Eastern Asia, and in parts of Russia.

Pine trees grow in cool temperatures and throughout the boreal forests. Find the boreal forest in Alaska, inland Canada, and in the Northern USA.

4. Alder Trees

Since alder is a genus of the birch family, growing them is just like growing birch trees. The sunlight and soil conditions are the same so the effects on rocky soil on alder trees are just that of birch.

Alder trees are native to Canada and can be found throughout different places in the USA. Some species even grow in Central America and Northern Africa in Algeria and surrounding countries. Furthermore, they are found growing in Europe and Asia.

5. Maple Tree

Maple trees grow and thrive in areas with the sun or partial shade. Their roots also tend to raise more than other trees. They also love moist soil so if your area tends to be dryer than usual, the rocks in your soil can help generate heat and provide proper moisture.

They are mostly found in Canada, USA, and Europe. They are also located in China and surrounding areas.

6. Cedar Trees

Your rocky soil is perfect to grow cedar trees since they love the sun and prefers dry conditions. This means that the rocky soil won’t be a problem nor is it just an amend to any climate zone.

They can be found along the coast of British Columbia and the slopes of the Rocky Mountains.

Common USA Ceder Locations: Arizona, Minnesota – Oak Grove, Kansas, West Virginia, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin.

7. Cherry Tree

If you want to grow fruit-bearing trees, you can opt for a cherry. It loves some sun and grows in moist soil. Your rocky soil can help with that if your current climate zone doesn’t.

It’s literally a cherry on top if you like eating cherries!

If you want to grow a Cherry Tree and want to learn to know how to choose the best location, Stark Bros has a full article explaining how. They talk about many important things when looking for success in growing Cherry Trees.

8. Apple Tree

Another fruit-bearing tree that you can grow on rocky soil is apple trees.

Apple trees love the sun. Plus, one thing you should consider when planting them is that they should be avoided from frost pockets. That being said, your rocky soil would just be perfect since the heat absorbed, then emitted, from the rocks would make sure it is away from the cold.

9. Cottonwood Trees

Your rocky soil can help generate moisture, so you have enough to grow cottonwood trees in your yard.

Cottonwood trees are very popular in the United States in eastern, central, and southwest areas.

They can be seen near Lake Erie in Ontario and some parts of Montreal and Quebec.

10. Aspen Trees

Last but not least, aspen trees can also grow on rocky soils. They grow on any kind of soil but would prefer moist, sandy, and gravelly or rocky ones.

Aspen trees are native to Canada, but is the most widely spread out tree through North America. See many Aspen trees in the northern USA, just think about Aspen Colorado. They definitely see Aspen trees!

There are also many types of aspen trees growing in Asia and Northern Europe.

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