Discover the world-renowned Shell Beach, an extraordinary and unparalleled seashell beach located in Australia

Instead of being covered with sand, Shell Beach is completely covered with seashells. Coming to this beach, you will be able to witness a rare scene with thousands of white sea shells stretching endlessly along the coast.

Photo: expedia

Because the seawater in the Shark Bay area has twice the salinity compared to other seas, it is influenced by the topography and climate of the area. The high amount of salt causes oysters in this sea to multiply uncontrollably. At a certain age, they will die off the shells drifting to the shore and this process takes many years to make the beach here completely covered with seashells.

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In the past, people here used to use shells in Shell Beach  to mine for construction materials, but since 1991, Shark Bay has been recognized by UNESCO as a world natural heritage, so this area has been recognized as a world natural heritage site. conserve.

Photo: artelow blogspot

Although these shells are only a few millimeters in size, this type of shell has created a beautiful, unique stretch of coastline and is an attractive tourist destination in Australia.

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