Discover the Breathtaking Close-up of the Magnificent World’s Largest Cauliflower – a Marvelous Feast for the Eyes

Mr. Peter Glazebrook, 69, from the town of Newark, County Nottinghamshire, England, became famous after producing fruit trees many times larger than usual.
Mr Glazebrook’s giant cauliflower weighs 27.5kg, about 20 times more than regular cauliflowers. Thanks to his talent for caring for plants, Mr. Glazebrook’s cauliflower has held the record for the largest cauliflower in the world.
In order for the giant cauliflower to reach its maximum size, Mr. Glazebrook had to grow it in a greenhouse while protecting it from frost during the winter months. In addition, Mr. and Mrs. Glazebrook also regularly watered adequately. Start with water with calcium nitrate, then switch to high-salt water only once when the plants start to sprout.
Not only growing giant cauliflower, Mr. Glazebrook has made other farmers admire the giant onion or the “giant” cabbage.

Mr. Glazebrook’s giant cauliflower.

In addition to the giant cauliflower, Mr. Glazebrook also grows a “giant” onion.

Farmer Glazebrook’s giant cabbage.

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