Delighting in Creative Ideas: Transforming Discarded Items into Beautiful Planters

Lately, I haven’t been active on Pinterest as much. There’s no specific reason behind it, except perhaps the overwhelming number of pins I’ve accumulated. I had an “aha” moment when I accidentally pinned something multiple times on one of my boards. Now, I only pin things that truly captivate me, leaving the rest behind. Nonetheless, Pinterest remains an excellent source of inspiration, as you’ve seen in my recent post.

With gardening season in full swing, why not explore some delightful planters? Let’s kick off with my newest obsession!

Concrete human (usually Roman or Greek) busts with holes in their head for plants.Won’t these look awesome on a sofa table with a full head of succulent hair? I’m currently on the look out for an affordable or even a DIY version. If you come across one do let me know. B doesn’t seem very convinced about the whole idea, thinks it is too spooky.

If you like the quirkiness of these busts then you will surely like this recycled BBQ grill! Instead of throwing your old grill away you can just paint and fill it up with your favorite plants. How cool is that?

Ok, moving on to more tame choices. How about an old suitcase? If you are afraid of messing up the suitcase instead of planting directly in it you could just lined it with pots.

I know you’ve seen this umpteen times but I really liked the plant combo (though I don’t know what the trailing plants are).

For traditionalists there is even a recycled fountain option. I think nowadays adding succulents to anything instantly updates your garden decor!

Speaking of succulents, ever thought about doing a succulent orb? The pin didn’t have instruction on how to make it. Some Googling did reveal this tutorial in case you are interested.

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