Defying The Laws Of Physics, These Extraordinary Sculptures Endure, Enchanting Spectators With Their Peculiarity

The human imagination is boundless. Hence, sculptors worldwide have created works that astonish viewers with their unique and unconventional nature, defying the laws of physics.

The giant baby statue appearing to soar through the air in Singapore.

A column-free building in London, England.

A levitating rock at Cairo Airport, Egypt.

A statue also levitating as if weightless in the UAE (United Arab Emirates).

A gravity-defying statue in the United States.

A statue of a gymnast soaring between two buildings in the United States.

A flying elephant is upside down in France.

A geometric shape defies all laws of physics in the United States.

A steel ball is suspended on a thick chain by the seaside in Australia.

An impressive image in London, England.

Flying cars soar through the skies in Porsche, England.

A house floats in the air in France.

A statue of a football player in New Zealand.

Perhaps this little girl is also wondering about what she is seeing at the Swiss Science Center.

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