China’s Enigmatic ‘Living Fossil’ Forest: A Timeless Natural Wonder

The rows of redwood conifers and conifers – the species known as “living fossils” – are straight and intertwined, making the artificial forest in Luyang Lake, Hangzhou, China have a strange beauty.

In summer, the boat carrying tourists glides on a cloud of duckweed, amid the green scenery of Luyang Lake Wetland Park in Hangzhou. Photo: CCTV.

Although the artificial feeling is clearly shown through the rows of woven trees, this “aqua forest” still brings a breath of fresh air from nature. Places like this are called “oxygen bars” in China. Photo: CCTV.

Looking down from above, this forest is impressive by its large scale, with unique redwood cypress, cypress and cypress trees planted in rows. Photo: Atlas Obscura.

The redwood fiddlehead (Metasequoia glyptostroboides) is native to China, thought to have gone extinct more than 5 million years ago. Their fossils – dating back about 150 million years – have been found from North America to Russia and Japan. Photo: The Strait Times.

When a group of small trees was discovered in a remote area of ​​China in the 1940s, the tree was nicknamed “living fossil”. Photo: CCTV.

Although still critically endangered in the wild – with a few wild clusters existing in isolation, efforts to conserve, propagate and replant have given the sycamores a new life. Photo: Wantubizi.

These unusual, orderly woodlands are part of a reforestation effort across China. The environmental impact of these projects is unknown, but they provide a unique experience for visitors. Photo: Travelbook.

It is a consistent peace even though the natural scenery changes through each season: Green in the spring and summer months, to brilliant red and yellow in autumn… Photo: Trip/Travelbook .

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