Breaking Boundaries: Canadian Man Achieves World Record with a 29kg Radish, Making History with the Heaviest Radish Ever Grown

A Canadian man has set a new world record for the heaviest radish ever recorded. The radish, which weighed in at a whopping 29 kilograms, was grown by Peter Glazebrook in his garden in the small town of Newark, in the English county of Nottinghamshire.

Glazebrook is no stranger to growing oversized vegetables, having previously set records for the heaviest onion, potato, and carrot. But even he was surprised by the size of his latest creation. The radish was so large that it had to be transported to the weigh-in on a trolley.

Guinness World Records highlights Canada man as ‘the master of monster vegetables’ for working in his garden in the past year to grow ‘three colossal, record-breaking turnips – all of which have broken the record for the world’s heaviest turnip’

If you thought that people who like gardening and are passionate about it cannot be extraordinary enough to land in the Guinness Book, Cabinetmaker Damien Allard from Quebec in Canada is here to make you think again as he was recently titled “master of monster vegetables” for growing world’s heaviest turnip. Guinness World Records highlighted the Canada man as “the master of monster vegetables” for working in his garden in the past year to grow “three colossal, record-breaking turnips – all of which have broken the record for the world’s heaviest turnip”.

Yes, you read that right but it is not the first time that Guinness World Records has highlighted heavy vegetables’ records. Previously heaviest vegetable records include ‘Heaviest carrot (10.17 kg; 22.44 lb)’, ‘Heaviest avocado (2.55 kg; 5.6 lb)’ and ‘Heaviest onion (8.5 kg; 18 lb 11.84 oz)’.

Damien was inspired to grow large vegetables when in 2016 he grew a turnip at home that weighed 7 kg (15 lb 6.9 oz). Seeing its size, he immediately researched the current record-holder and compared the turnip’s weight of the former title holder. Determined to beat the record, Damien spent his time cultivating huge turnips in the next three years and was able to grow one that weighed 15.5 kg (34 lb 2.7 oz) in 2019.

He shared with Radio-Canada, “It’s been two years that I have been working quite intensely on my turnips. I suspected very strongly that this year was the right one, but I never thought I would have been more than 10 kilos above the old record.”

However, his efforts bore fruit, or should we say vegetables, when the sowing season approached in 2020 and Damien planted and nourished the turnip seeds and soon landed with three Guinness World Records title-worthy turnips among which, the heaviest one measured a circumference of 138 cm (54.3 in), a height of 35 cm (13.8 in) and a width of 46 cm (18.1 in).

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