Be Amazed By The Crimson Lake Resembling A Heart Shape

Many people will not be surprised by the miraculous beauty of this creation.

Deep in the Tengger Desert, Alxa Left Banner, Inner Mongolia, China, has a breathtaking landscape, a masterpiece of Mother Nature that few people visit. It is Wulan Lake – a lake with a bright red color like blood appearing for hundreds of years, with the shape of a heart.

Wulan Lake has a unique heart shape.

Like other distinctive colored lakes, Wulan Lake is also a salt lake. The high salt concentration plus metals and red bacteria living in the water give Wulan a bright red color in sunlight. Besides, with the special texture of the lake surface combined by many other small lakes, the gaps crept in the middle like blood vessels inside the heart.

Wulan is a large lake with a strange shape made up of small lakes combined.

The grooves separating the lakes accidentally create the unique scenery of Wulan Lake.

Surrounding the crimson Wulan Lake is a yellow desert and green grasslands. The thin “blood” flows in every corner of the “heart”, this miracle of nature hidden in the deserted desert adds to the sense of mystery. Because of that, the locals believe that it is the blood of the earth, so they give it a beautiful name – “Heart of the Earth”.

Seen from above, Wulan looks like a heart surrounded by blood vessels.

Wulan Lake has only become famous among tourists in recent years, and due to the inconvenience of transportation, it has always maintained its beautiful biological state as it was.

The beauty of “Heart of the Earth” has attracted visitors to come and admire.

Another attractive thing about Wulan Lake is that although it is not far from the edge of the desert, visitors will not be able to find its location on the map. This mysterious lake has no waves, no internet, completely away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The best time to visit Wulan Lake is from July to September every year.

The most likely way to get to that lake is under the direction of a guide. Tengger Desert is about a two-hour drive from Yinchuan City. There is a shuttle service for visitors to the place.

Because the access is quite difficult, the lake almost retains its natural beauty.

Every year in July, August and September, the lake has the most beautiful red color. Besides, do not forget to monitor the weather forecast if you intend to admire this natural masterpiece. Wulan is the most visible “Heart of the Earth” when illuminated in the sun, making the red color of the lake the most vibrant.

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