Astonishing Aurora Borealis Capture: Majestic Phoenix Soaring Across the Arctic Sky

This miraculous phenomenon was captured by photographer Hallgrimur P. Helgason when he went to Kaldasel to work. According to him, about an hour after he came here to take pictures, a bright strip of a phoenix began to appear in the night sky.

(Photo: Hallgrium Helgason via Caters News Agency/DailyMail)

“ Hunting for pictures of the aurora borealis is a great job, especially on nights like these,” says Helgason . I must admit that the appearance of that magical aurora made my heart ache because I was so happy. The photo you are seeing above is the best photo I have taken .”

(Photo: Hallgrium Helgason via Caters News Agency/DailyMail)

He also added that the aurora bands in this area are usually green or light yellow. However, in the sky that night, there were also more blue and red rays of light, which showed that this aurora band was emitting very strongly.

(Photo: Hallgrium Helgason via Caters News Agency/DailyMail)

A camera along with a tripod is all you need to do this amazing job. Helgason also notes that you should choose locations away from the city, where your camera won’t be affected by other light sources. To get the clearest and most realistic picture, you should also turn off the flash while shooting.

(Photo: Hallgrium Helgason via Caters News Agency/DailyMail)

The aurora occurs when high-energy particles (charged particles) ejected from the Sun’s powerful eruptions launch toward the Earth, and when they collide with the Earth’s magnetic field, they change direction and change direction. spiral along the Earth’s magnetic field and converge at the poles. Here, the lines of magnetic induction converge and cause the high-energy particles to penetrate deep into the atmosphere.

When entering the Earth’s atmosphere, these high-energy particles collide with molecules and atoms in the atmosphere and stimulate these particles to glow. Because the composition of the Earth’s atmosphere contains many different gases, when excited, each gas emits light of different wavelengths, that is, emits many different colors, creating a colorful range of light. in the sky at the poles.

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