A Tapestry of Blooms: Exploring the Allure of Climbing Roses

Scientific name: Rosa spp, Family Rosaceae. There are some types of roses that have the ability to climb such as rose hips, small white flowers common in Vietnam.

Although there are many types of climbing roses in the world, due to the cultivation characteristics of roses, they do not like the high temperature and humidity like in Vietnam, especially in the South, so the durability of the cultivated rose plants is not good. long.
Only the northern provinces and the highlands are easier to cultivate. Roses are both beautiful and fragrant, so everyone loves them.

The tree grows quite quickly if the environment is suitable, the reach is not as long as other types of vines, so it is often planted in places with a small area: a column, a gate or a certain wall or can look flowery on tall for the tree to stretch out.

Roses are often propagated by cuttings or cuttings, and grafting is
also used to create roses with good growth, flower color
as desired.

Roses are beautiful and plants have thorns, so in addition to decorative effects, they also work to protect your home. Rosehip is the species most commonly planted in the hedge because the plant is very strong and easy to propagate and care for.

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