Unveiling the Extraordinary: Rare Lotus Flower Blooms on Tibet’s Snow Mountain

Dubbed the king of herbs and having a flowering period lasting up to 7 years, Saussurea involucrata is treasured like gold by many. Besides, the unique uses of this herb also make it an object of hunt for the rich.

If you have ever been immersed in fairy tales, you must have heard of Saussurea involucrata once . In the mystical stories full of fanciful colors, seemingly originating from that person’s imagination, Thien Son Tuyet Lien or Snow Lotus is a kind of panacea that has the effect of improving old age and improving gong.

It seems to be just a creative product in the human imagination, but the snow is a real flower in nature.

“In the middle of the mountains covered with white snow all year round, there is a strange flower. This white-yellow flower with purple-red pistil grows on the white snow belongs to the daisy family, but the flower is as big as a lotus flower. In the middle of the snow, there are flowers. and this is the first beauty on the top of Thien Son mountain,” exclaims Chinese scholar Trieu Hoc Man in the Qing Dynasty when he first discovered the snow lotus.

The reason is called snow lotus (snow lotus) because this plant can grow, develop and flower even in extremely cold weather on the high rocky mountains. When blooming, the snow lotus has the same shape as a lotus flower. Xinjiang people have been telling each other for many generations that the reason why snow lotus has such a lovely shape is because it is crystallized from wind, clouds and snow.

According to research, Saussurea involucrata is considered the king of herbs (king of hundreds of herbs). This is a rare species, growing only in the mountains 2,500 – 4,000 meters above sea level. It grows in rocky ravines, is a slow growing species, takes 5-7 years from germination to bloom, and only 5% of the seeds can germinate.

Snow lotus seeds germinate at a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius, grow in conditions of 3-5 degrees Celsius and withstand cold -21 degrees Celsius. It can germinate, grow and flower in a short time as a result of process of adapting to the harsh environment on snowy mountains in the Xinjiang region, Tibet.

Growing and growing in extremely harsh conditions has made snow lotus one of the precious foods and has many miraculous medicinal properties. The medical community calls this flower the elixir.

According to recorded medical books, snow lotus has the ability to detoxify, treat diseases related to the lungs, stop menstruation, body aches and diseases related to rheumatism. People also use this flower to energize men.

In addition, snow lotus also has the ability to contract the uterus, so this flower is strictly prohibited for pregnant women because it will lead to miscarriage or stillbirth when used. However, this flower has a thermogenic nature, when eaten, sweat will flow a lot. Legend has it that after eating this flower, people can go naked in the snow without feeling cold.

In a number of recent studies, scientists found that snow lotus has high thermal properties, which is very effective in cases of aches and pains due to rheumatism, kidney failure or sexual dysfunction; Menstrual irregularity, dysmenorrhea.

Saussurea involucrata is rich in protein and amino acids, can regulate the acidity and alkalinity in the human body, has the effect of enhancing immunity, anti-fatigue, anti-aging. There are types of snow lotus that carry toxins and before use, one must squeeze out all the toxins to be able to decoct or take medicine.

Because of its extremely valuable properties, the snow lotus is always facing many threats of extinction, despite many measures to preserve it.

According to CCTV, in 2015, a group of 31 climbers plucked hundreds of lotus flowers on top of Tianshan Mountain – a mountain range located in Central Asia, between the northwestern border of Xinjiang (China) and Kazakhstan only. to post on social media.

Article: According to Heleno/Young intellectuals – Collected photos

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