Unleashing the Boundless Creativity: Captivating and Playful Collages that Defy Artistic Conventions

All things on this earth are separate entities, not related to each other. However, under the creative eyes and soaring imagination of the artists, everything is connected by an invisible string. The series of photos called #Combophotos (roughly translated: Collages) by artist  Stephen McMennamy is the clearest proof.

Born in Marietta city, Georgia, USA, but Stephen’s childhood is associated with the beautiful Philippines.

Because he moved here when he was 2 years old, he especially loves Asian history, culture and art.

As he got older, Stephen decided to enroll at the Savannah Institute of Art and Design to pursue photography seriously.

Contrary to what many people think, the American-born artist believes that all objects in the world are closely related to each other.

Just put them in the same situation, you will see the remarkable similarity.

From that same thought, Stephen came up with the idea to create the #ComboPhotos series in 2015.

For nearly a year now, this interesting collection of Stephen has always attracted the attention of Instagram enthusiasts.

In a short time, his @smcmennamy account now has nearly 220,000 subscribers.

(Source: MMM)

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