The “Hungry” Trees That Look Like They Are “Devouring” Objects

Below is our collection of the “hungry” trees that look like they are “devouring” objects. These trees have made many people go “well, that sucks.”

1. This is what happens when you cannot read!

When trees cannot read! This is what happens when the tress cannot read! It is simply nature taking its route; the tree’s growth is so robust that it has devoured the sign board. It is so ironic.

2. Yummy sign boards

It has grown, eating up the signboard, leaving only “help”! It looks like the tree has entirely gobbled up the board. It seems funny at first glance, but when you look deeply into the matter, there is irony!

But on the other hand, though we admire trees, they are much trouble sometimes! Do you know why? Recent research has found that many of the trees in the US are threatened with extinction. Thus, it is a crucial matter to consider and a global issue. Many organizations have come together to protect these extinction species.

3. Help Me!

Along with time, this tree has grown around a stone sculpture. It looks as if a green man is trapped inside the tree. Looks pretty artistic. But the fact is that the tree’s growth is so robust that it has almost eaten the stone sculpture completely.

4. Oops, do you want some?

Well, what do you think of this picture? The tree is having a nice meal out of the fence. The facial expression is just unique!

5. Nothing is stronger than nature!

The statue of Jesus in the above picture is found in Poland. The tree has overgrown around the figure, completely devouring it.

According to the ideas and views of Susan Pell, the executive director of the United States Botanic Garden, we cannot protect what we do not know about. So, we need to know the bottom line to understand what things are at risk. Scientists must look at several facts, like the extinction risk, geographic and taxonomic diversity patterns, and other threats the species face. But currently, the most common, visible threat is problematic pests and diseases.

6. Round and round we go!

How can this happen? Seeing how the tree has grown around the bicycle wheel without disturbing or harming the revolution is fantastic. So, remember not to take a nap leaning on a tree, as this could be the result!

7. Perfect way to build a bench!

Look at this beautiful creation! It is a fantastic idea for a garden, and it is very nature friendly and convenient.

8. The mail tree!

Someone has purposely fixed the post box to the tree. But it is the opposite. The tree decided to take over the post box.

9. When you forget that you parked your vehicle in the park!

Wow! Look at this! The vehicle’s owner must not have thought this was the last time he had parked the car in this garden. It is what usually happens to abandoned vehicles.

According to the views and ideas of scientists, more insect attacks are visible in warmer climates in the northern parts of the US. They see more invasive insects attacking the trees.

10. Yes, I ate it!

This picture looks so funny! The tree has eaten up the signboard completely.

11. I fly high – The car!

This picture shows how powerful mother nature is. The tree has grown tall, carrying the vehicle!

12. When the trees are hungry, they eat anything!

Again, the above picture shows nature’s power over artificial things. This picture is taken at a park in Ireland. The hungry tree slowly devours the garden bench!

13. this is what you do if you need to protect your key!

Well, this is the best way to keep a key safe. But unknowingly, you will lose the key forever, and it is safe with nature forever!

Other than the insect threats, the additional climatic changes also have a powerful impact. The worsening drought conditions, widespread wildfires, and stronger storms with heavy rain are these weather conditions that significantly impact trees and nature. Also, other developments and agricultural activities are a couple of facts that contribute to the common threats on trees and speed up the extinction process.

Scientists have identified the species that are at the most risk. Also, they are working on the habitats that need attention soon, especially in the coastal environments and the areas involved in economic development.

14. The fence is not an obstacle.

This massive fig tree has eaten up the fence. See the beauty of the giant fig tree all overgrown!

15. We do not care about a wall.

It looks like the tree is stepping over the wall! Though it seems funny at first glance, there is something more to it. It shows how powerful nature is to overcome all artificial barriers.

16. The squinty tree ate the signboard!

See how the tree has gobbled up the traffic sign? The tree has grown more with time, and the second picture is funny!

17. Nature has its ways!

This giant tree has entirely covered the statue of Lord Buddha. When you look closely, it has some aesthetic beauty in it. But see how nature takes its way!

Whatever is said and done, we must admit that most of these tree species in local residential areas are at high risk due to the developments being made. The specialists are trying to keep all the endangered species living in collections in places like the Botanical gardens. They have found that seventeen species need new homes.

18. Isn’t this an excellent way to build a swing?

The tree is slowly eating up the swing. One of the most unusual moments of nature. Another perfect moment showing spirit takes over everything!

19. Tripping

It looks like the tree is peeling off the paint. What do you remember when you look at this at once? It reminds us of eating chocolate with the wrapper carefully peeled. Pretty interesting, ha!

20. Come, let us have a little chat!

At first glance, the two trees are having a friendly conversation. But for real, the tree has overgrown the bike. It looks more like the trees are talking and holding hands.

21. When trees go blind!

Look, who’s wearing the spectacles?

Among the most endangered trees, the Franklin tree, also known as Franklinia, is one of them. It is a native species to Georgia. After collecting in the 1800s, it is never seen in the wild. But now there are over 100 living collections, the success story of having the endangered species live together.

22. We love eating sign boards!

This tree has swallowed a trespassing sign.

23. I ate the ball!

The tree has swallowed the Magic 8 ball. Though it looks so funny, can you imagine how powerful nature is and strong could be the growth of the tree?

24. Eating the bench!

This tree, over time, has eaten up this bench in the park!

25. The confused tree!

When you see this image, at once, you feel that the tree has got confused about where to go! Yet another moment where you could see the power of nature taking over all the artificial things.

According to scientists, our livelihood is our environment. Trees are one of the essential organisms in it. So protecting trees, therefore, is an important task for every citizen in the neighborhood.

26. When we are hungry, we eat anything!

This particular picture shows us that trees get hungry too! It looks like the tree is eating the stone.

27. Nature has more power!

The tree in the picture has overgrown the fire hydrant too!

28. We eat up anything!

The tree has grown around an old hand, Grande.

29. The oak tree and the electric box!

This oak tree has a growth around the electric box, which is unique.

30. I love being a mail tree!

This nearby tree has slowly eaten this Victorian-era post box.

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