The Eyes Of God: Exploring The Wonders Of Prohodna Cave In Bulgaria

Prohodna Cave is a natural wonder located in the heart of Bulgaria, famous for its two eye-shaped openings in the ceiling known as the Eyes of God.

Prohodna Cave, also known as “The Eyes of God,” is a unique and stunning natural wonder located in the Iskar Gorge area of Bulgaria. Although it’s a bit off the beaten path, it’s definitely worth the detour. However, getting there can be a little tricky, so it’s important to navigate to the coordinates provided and park in the designated area.

From the parking area, you’ll see a path to your west that goes down towards the “small” entrance of the cave, which is about a five-minute walk away. Prohodna Cave has two entrances: the “small” entrance and the “big entrance” on opposite ends, which are like a tunnel through a hill. The natural phenomenon known as the “Eyes of God” is located in the central chamber of the 262-meter cave and is just a short 5-minute walk from either entrance. However, be cautious while walking as the cave floor can be muddy and slippery.

While the walk from your car to the Eyes of God and back could take less than 30 minutes, many people spend an hour or more wandering around the rest of the cave’s passages.

Prohodna is a karst cave located just around 2 hours from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Unfortunately, it’s only accessible by car. But if you find yourself wondering what to visit around the Bulgarian capital, Prohodna, also called the “Eyes of God,” is a wonderful choice.

The name Prohodna means “passable” and this cave is not your typical one. There are two entrances and the actual cave is open, more like a rock bridge. You can even walk under it, making it a unique and breathtaking experience. The natural light that enters the cave illuminates it, creating a magical and unforgettable atmosphere.

In addition to the Eyes of God, the cave has many other interesting formations and features, such as the Ruminata Path, a series of ledges and pools of water that lead to a hidden chamber. The cave is also a popular spot for rock climbers, as the vertical walls of the cave offer challenging routes for climbers of all skill levels.

Overall, Prohodna Cave is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Bulgaria. Its unique features, stunning natural beauty, and endless opportunities for exploration make it a memorable experience that you won’t want to miss.

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