The Awe-inspiring Vistas From The Elevated Viewpoint Evoke A Profound Sense Of America’s Grandeur

With the desire to bring a new wind to the photography world, photographer and director Niaz Uddin chose for himself a shooting angle from above looking down different from the usual artistic photos.

It is known that in the past two years, Niaz has started turning to space photography to get more diverse shooting angles. Since then, Niaz’s endless love for the sky makes him love his work even more.

Through beautiful scenes like fairy tales, Niaz’s photos have really touched the emotions of viewers. Through his works, he wants to inspire photography lovers in particular as well as people who love beauty in the world in general.

1. Santa Monica Beach in Los Angeles is tinged with a vibrant red during a sunset.

2. Lurking in the fog is the sturdy Grand Teton mountain range.

3. Thousands of white crashing waves at Victoria Beach in Los Angeles.

4. The state of Montana is full of green trees and a clear winding river.

5. Standing from this angle, viewers seem to be lost in the fairyland at Grand Teton National Park in Northwest Wyoming.

6. Palouse Falls in Washington majestic, lively.

7. Looking down from above, you can clearly see the thick plumes of smoke emanating from Prismatic Spring hot spring in the Midway Geyser Basin area of ​​Yellowstone National Park.

8. Blue sea, golden sunshine, white sand and hundreds of people create a poetic and lyrical scene.

9. Get lost in the mythical world when looking down from above the trees in the Pacific Northwest.

10. Snow-white winter road in the Pacific Northwest.

11. The plane got lost in the jungle in Hillsboro, Washington.

12. The clear river divides the forest in the Pacific Northwest.

13. Manhattan Beach, California is romantic sweet and poetic at dusk.

14. Beautiful, mixed colors in the picture of nature at Laguna beach, California.

15. The Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, California is beautiful and heart-fluttering.

16. Cool and refreshing, that must be the feeling when we admire the beach of Manhattan, California, USA from this angle.

17. Lake Tahoe, on the border of California and Nevada, is cold but brilliant.

18. Horseshoe Bend in the majestic town of Page, Arizona, winding forming a horseshoe around the Colorado River.

19. Romantic fall scene in Park City, Utah.

20. Mammoth Lake in California, what a picturesque sight.

21. The city of Los Angeles shimmers magnificently in the sunset.

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