Marshall Blecher and Fokstrot have designed a captivating floating island that gracefully navigates Copenhagen’s harbor

Marshall Blecher and Fokstrot have created a remarkable floating platform in the Copenhagen harbor, aiming to introduce a unique and accessible public space. Named Ø1, after the Danish single-letter word for island, this platform welcomes people from all walks of life. It has already become a popular destination for stargazing, barbecuing, winter bathing, fishing, and hosting various local events.

All photos and drawings courtesy of marshall blecher and fokstrot

Blecher and Fokstrot unveiled Ø1 as the prototype for a series of wooden platforms called “Copenhagen Islands,” which will be strategically placed throughout the harbor. This 25m2 platform showcases a majestic 6m linden tree at its core and was meticulously handcrafted using traditional wood techniques in the boatbuilding yards of Copenhagen’s south harbor. With the generous backing of the Danish Arts Foundation (Statens Kunstfonden) and CultureHarbour365 (Havnekultur 365), this project endeavors to breathe new life into the region by introducing this innovative public space concept.

More floating platforms in the copenhagen islands project will include a sauna, gardens, a mussel farm and a floating diving platform that could be used freely by boaters, kayakers and swimmers. ‘the islands could be brought together in the wider parts of the harbor for events and festivals, or moved to catalyze activity in newly developed or underused locations,’ suggests the team. with a goal of reimagining the relationship between cities and the sea in a time of rapid urban development and rising sea levels, blecher and fokstrot are currently working on a range of other projects in the city harbor that include a floating fish market and a floating cabin.

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