Forgotten Realms Captured: 50 Haunting Images Of Abandoned Places Shared By This Online Platform

Misty hills. Lonely forest roads. Plenty of vines, moss, and unkempt trees. And the cherry on top—a gorgeous abandoned building that radiates eeriness and grandeur in equal measure. That’s our dream home right there. Especially if the place looks haunted.

The ‘Abandoned World’Facebook page captures this particular mood very well. The social media project celebrates beautiful abandoned buildings in all their decaying glory, and it shows us just how different everything looks when there’s not a soul (well, all right, not singlehuman being) around. Check out the best pics, remember to upvote your fave ones, and let us know in the comments which of these buildings you’d love to live in the most.

Before we dive deep into all the beautiful photos, let’s get one thing clear, Pandas. Going into abandoned buildings can be illegal. But above everything else: it can be incredibly dangerous. Prioritize your health and safety, always be prepared, never ever go alone, and don’t take any dumb risks. Adventuring is cool; getting stuck under rubble isn’t.


The Beautiful Tree Transforming This Abandoned Place Into A Secret Garden, Ireland

Stairway To Heaven, The Ancient Inca Trail That Leads To Machu Picchu In Peru

Polar Bears At An Abandoned Soviet Weather Station On Kolyuchin Island, Dmitry Kokh

The ‘Abandoned World’ project has 336k followers, and it’s clear why they’re so popular: the photos they share are absolutely stunning. Whether or not you’re a huge fan of the whole Dark Academia aesthetic like we are, you can’t deny that the pictures practically ooze a spooky atmosphere.

For a moment, they transport us someplace else. A place where we’re seriously considering whether we could fix the place up and live in our dream home. Are the ghosts included in the price or do we have to pay extra for ‘em?


An Abandoned House In Chicago Was Built In 1888

#5 Wreck Of The Ten Sails. Shipwreck Event Occurred Off The East End Of Grand Cayman On 8 February 1794

#6 Abandoned Dunalastair Castle, Scotland

Besides that burning desire to move in right away, we’re also confronted by a huge urge to explore these places. They look fantastic from the outside, but our curiosity wants us to take a step inside and see what secrets we might uncover.

Playing Dungeons & Dragons satisfies most of our adventuring needs, but there also comes a time when you just really want to explore a castle like a real-life hero. That’s where urban exploration comes into play. Also known as urbex or UE, the name pretty much says it all: you explore abandoned urban places. It can be super illegal (depending on the country and the particular building) and very dangerous, so you’ve got to be aware of a few things.


Framed With Trees, The Door Of This Medieval Sanctuary Looks Like A Portal To A Mythical Realm. St Edward’s Church, Stow-On-The-Wold (England)

#8  Nature Taking Over


Marton Mogyorosy Lake Iseo, Italy!

Look, the fact of the matter is that you have to respect the law. You might be trespassing on someone else’s property, even if that property might be overgrown, crumbling, and nobody’s taken care of it for decades and decades. Be aware that you might have to deal with law enforcement. Stay polite. Be respectful. Apologize. Understand that they’re worried about your safety as well.


The Bridge To Roslin Castle. Midlothian, Scotland


An 800-Year-Old Church In Borgund, Norway, Made Entirely From Wood Without A Single Nail

Borgund Stave Church was built sometime between 1180 and 1250 AD with later additions and restorations. Its walls are formed by vertical wooden boards, or staves, hence the name “stave church”
The church is part of the Borgund parish in the Indre Sogn deanery in the Diocese of Bjørgvin. No longer regularly used for church functions, it is now a museum run by the Society for the Preservation of Ancient Norwegian Monuments


The Entrance Gate To An Abandoned Mansion In Poland

‘Jetset Times’ suggests getting the right gear. Start off by getting some proper footwear. You’ll encounter a lot of dirty, filthy, mucky places, so get yourself some sturdy, waterproof shoes. Abandoned places are, obviously, abandoned, so you’ll need light as well. Bring a spare flashlight and some extra batteries just in case.


Castle Sinclair Girnigoe Located On The East Coast Of Caithness, Scotland


A 14th Century Abandoned Castle In Scotland


The Incline, Manitou Springs, Colorado!

Meanwhile, be sure that you’re never exploring these spots alone. Have at least one person go on the adventure with you. That way, you can help each other or call for help if one of you gets injured. What’s more, when you’ve got someone else besides you, they can help you avoid any potentially risky areas. Two sets of eyes really are better than just one.


Abandoned Through The Years


The Most Isolated Lighthouse In The World, Þrídrangaviti Lighthouse, Perched Atop A Rock Pillar In The Westman Islands, Off The Coast Of Iceland

Sits about forty meters above the raging Atlantic Ocean, was built in 1939


Drain Pipe In The Castle Of Pierrefonds In France

You can expect a lot of creaky, rotten floors, as well as unstable walls, and broken windows inside, as you’re walking, crawling, and squeezing through tight fits during your exploration. It’s worth repeating: your safety is paramount. Don’t take silly risks when don’t need to. Look for alternative paths. When in doubt, take the safest route. You’re one bad step away from turning your urban adventure into an urban nightmare, so stay focused.


Found In India, 5000 Years Old, Made From A Single Rock


Palmenti Of Pietragalla, Small Caves In Italy Which Were Used For Processing And Fermentation Of Grapes

Could you imagine living here and having someone mow the grass above your house? The noise! 😣 Edit: Formerly used for fermenting grapes, got it. I really need to read the caption before commenting sometimes lmao.


Castello Di Sammezzano, Italy

Meanwhile, the ‘Killer Urbex’ site urges new explorers to start off by doing their research about the building. Find out when it was abandoned, what the general layout and state of the place is like. The better prepared you are in advance, the more dangers you can avoid. Part of your research will undoubtedly be to take a good long read through your local area’s trespassing laws.

#22 A Roman Mosaic Floor Has Been Discovered Under A Vineyard In Northern Italy After Decades Of Searching


Monastery Sumela, Turkey


Abandoned Castle

The Real Dracula’s Castle Abandoned, Romania Photo Taken In 1920s


A Forgotten Masterpiece In An Abandoned Mansion


Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland

Start your urbex journey by going to some (perhaps haunted) residences or warehouses, instead of (most definitely haunted) mines and sewers. Build up your experience bit by bit. Don’t try to run before you can even crawl. And even then—safety first!

Aside from your gloves, boots, flashlights, and batteries, you should also bring some water, a first-aid kit, a fully-charged cellphone, as well as a respirator (to keep the asbestos, mold, and dust out of your lungs).


Abandoned Viking Tunnel, Höfn Iceland


Ballymarkahan Castle In County Clare, Ireland


Beautiful Abandoned Miners’ Cottages In A Disused Slate Quarry In Snowdonia, North Wales

The quarry closed in 1969 due to industry decline and because 170-years of working the site resulted in waste tips sliding into the main pit workings

Let someone you trust know where you (and your friend!) will be going… and learn to trust your gut. If you feel like something’s way too risky or doesn’t look right, take a step back, regroup, and consider cutting the outing short. Heck, even if you don’t go inside, you can snap some truly gorgeous photos of the exterior. Photos definitely worth sharing!


This Is What 2022 Is Starting To Look Like


Abandoned Castle In Belgium!


Stone House In Portugal


Carleton Island Villa Is An Abandoned Mansion Located On Carleton Island, In Upstate New York

It was built by architect William Miller in 1894 for William O. Wyckoff, who made his fortune helping the Remington Arms Company develop a typewriter


The Medieval Eltz Castle Located In Wierschem, Germany, Has Been Owned And Occupied By The Same Family For Over 850 Years




What E Creepy House




Solomon Islands


A 900-Year-Old Church Still Standing In Ireland


Abandoned Chateau


Rocca Calascio, L’aquila, Italy

Rocca Calascio is one of the most beautiful fortresses in the world according to the prestigious international magazine National Geographic.

The fortress of Rocca Calascio, located at 1460 meters above sea level, is among the highest fortifications in Italy and dominates the Tirino valley and the Navelli plain from this height. Its system was exclusively for military use and is characterized by the ability with which it manages to merge with the impervious surrounding area, from which it is not conditioned at all; it is evident that his is an absolutely favorable position from a defensive point of view. The structure, in very white stone, has a square plan: at the corners it has four cylindrical towers considerably sloping and a square keep in the center, which constitutes the innermost military defense body of the castle.


Abandoned Hashima Island, Japan


Volkswagen Graveyard

That’s a shame. I hope someone plucked a few of these for restorations.


A Throne Carved Into A Tree Trunk In Kendal, England

The carvings supposedly relate to the Parr family (Catherine Parr, one of Henry VIII’s wives, lived in Kendal). The sculpture is in a park just below the castle, at the top of the appropriately named Parr Street. Ironically the castle is an abandoned ruin that should feature in this list. The sculture looks like it was done around 2012. Here is the article from the local paper:


Abandoned Beach House In North Carolina




Estonia, Former Rummu Prison


Abandoned Castle


The Airlie Monument Stands 65 Feet Tall On Tulloch Hill In Angus, Scotland

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