Exploring Vietnam’s Magnificent Sand Dunes: A Must-Visit Destination

Mui Ne sand dune is also known as flying sand hill in Mui Ne, Mui Ne pink sand hill, Mui Ne golden sand dune… Is one of the sandy beaches stretching for many kilometers and spreading in an area that is not certain with the overall big. Mui Ne Bay Sand Dunes is about 2km from Mui Ne market, and about 23km east of Phan Thiet city center. It stretches from Binh Thuan to Ninh Thuan the main attractions of the sand dunes and is considered the most beautiful on the way to Mui Ne.

This is considered a “unique” sand hill in Vietnam, originating from an ancient iron mine that existed for hundreds of years. This place is called the flying sand hill because the shape of the sand hill changes by the hour, by day, by month… there is no definite shape. The change in the shape of the sand dunes is due to the wind eroding and blowing away the thin layer of sand above.

The color of the sand is an old iron mine that creates not a single yellow color but produces many colors, there must be 18 different colors: red of the ancient iron mine, white – lying on the beach and mixed substance, pink – color below red, black – mud, etc.

The most suitable time for tourists to visit Mui Ne sand dunes is from 5-8 am because it is still early and the sand is still cool.

Standing in the middle of the “sun-sand-wind” paradise, looking out into the distance, visitors will be extremely surprised by the amazing beauty of the immense sand dunes that connect far and wide.

The immense sand dunes with sexy and mysterious curves not only inspire artistic creativity for many professional and amateur photographers but also attract tourists to visit and have fun.

Arriving at Mui Ne sand dune, the fatigue will suddenly disappear when you will see the vastness of the sand world. The strange sand grains, changing shape and color sometimes yellow, sometimes white, sometimes dark red… blend together to create a beautiful picture of nature.

Sunset in the sand dunes (photo ST)

There are sand valleys that are suddenly formed and sandy peaks suddenly appear, then it seems to have miraculously melted to form a sandy stream that drifts towards the bottom of the hill.

The wild beauty of the sand dunes (Photo ST)

The sandstones happened to draw swirls like petals falling from the sky. The sun and wind have made the sand dunes transform, young and always fresh.

Off-road vehicle running in the sand dunes (Photo ST)

The sand dunes are like a fairyland with illusions, with white clouds drifting in the blue sky. The wonder of the sand dunes has attracted countless talented artistic lenses from all over the world. And many authors have won art awards when taking photos of this sand hill.

Watch the sunrise at the sand dunes (Photo ST)

The shimmering beauty of sand not only captivates photographers but also captivates artists and other talented artists. There are sand paintings. Artist Y Lan was the one who breathed life into the inanimate sands, turning them into unique sand paintings, giving birth to the art of sand painting in Vietnam.

Riding an off-road vehicle to explore the sand dunes of Mui Ne (photo ST)

In the rainy season, the sand dunes seem to put on a fanciful color, different from the traditional orange-yellow color in the dust and wind. Because of this interesting feature, Mui Ne sand hill becomes an attractive attraction of domestic and foreign tourists. This is also the place where music troupes and film crews use as a backdrop.

Sitting on the top of the hill watching the sand hill far away (photo ST)

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