Experience Unparalleled Serenity in Transparent Sleeping Pods Suspended 400 Feet Above the Valley

Welcome to the Natura Vive Skylodge, an appropriately named hotel perched on the edge of a 400 ft cliff in the enchanting Sacred Valley of Peru. With just three rooms available, reaching your accommodation requires a hike up the cliffside. However, the effort is undoubtedly rewarded with a magnificent panoramic view. Imagine the awe-inspiring experience of slumbering under the stars in a glass-encased bedroom, and waking up to a breathtaking sunrise on the precipice of a cliff.

These little glass pods on the side of the mountain are the rooms in the Natura Vive Skylodge.

Although the rooms of the Natura Vive Skylodge seem small, you have everything you need in the 24’x8′ pod!

Each pod contains sleeping quarters that contain high quality mattresses, pillows and quilts. It also has curtains for privacy, however I’m not sure why you would use them since that would defeat the purpose of sleeping on the side of the cliff.

Each suite contains four beds and a dining area, where you are served a gourmet dinner after reaching the lodge complete with wine.

There are 300 degree views of the Sacred Valley which was a part of the Incan Empire. It is one of the most beautiful views in the world!

If you’re wondering what to do when nature calls, there is a 2 piece bathroom in each lodge with an ecological toilet and sink.  There are views of the valley bellow from the bathroom however curtains are available here too just in case you don’t want the next pod over to see your private business.

Each pod has the exit portal located on the top of the pod for safety reasons.

Experienced rock climbers can choose to scale the front of the cliff in a direct climb to the lodges

If you are a beginner climber, you can choose to take another route and hike to the top. The entire hike has permanent safety features installed including ropes and ladders.  You are also attached to zip lines the whole time which allows guests of all ages and capabilities to make it to their rooms.

In the morning you can either repel down the mountain or take the zip-line back down to the valley floor.

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