Encounter a rare and extraordinary durian variety boasting a remarkably smooth shell that defies all expectations

Durian is known as a special fruit with a characteristic aroma and a shell full of sharp thorns. However, recently appeared a new durian variety that surprised everyone watching. 

Durian is known as the “king of fruits”. For durian believers, just smelling its fragrance is unbearable. This fruit has a thorny outer shell, many people even accept fasting just because they can’t overcome the thick layer of thorns to supplement it. However, recently, the social network appeared a clip of a new durian variety that surprised everyone watching because its skin was smooth, without thorns like normal durians.

In the clip, a person climbs a tree to pick durians and throws them down for the young people standing below. This person did not wear gloves but still took “delicious” shots with his bare hands because this durian fruit had absolutely no thorns. On the surface, these durians have rough skins, quite similar to cocoa or sapodilla fruits with a “huge” size.

Durians without thorns were thrown down, surprising viewers

In addition to the strange outer shell, the durian tree is also noted for its falsehoods, each bunch of fruit at the time makes everyone feel excited.

To avoid everyone’s curiosity, he also split the whole durian fruit for people to admire inside. Just like other normal durians, this thornless variety has a bright yellow citrus. Looking at it, it can be seen that apart from the shell, the rest looks like normal melon. Each segment of yellow durian, looks very delicious and attractive.

Inside the golden zone

Witnessing this scene, netizens are very curious:

“Is it possible that since childhood, people have cut all the thorns, so when they grow up, it’s smooth outside. It looks strange and interesting, I really like durian but I can’t cut it myself because of the layer of thorns. hard on the outside, we have to buy it and ask people to help it.”

“It looks similar to sapodilla. Really, if there are durians like this, I hope to try it once, see if its taste is different from the usual melon I eat.”

It sounds ridiculous, but actually, there was a durian without spines appearing in Indonesia more than a decade ago. Scientists also cannot explain why durian fruit “is not like anyone else” like this. According to botanist Gregori Garnadi Hambali, it could be the result of natural mutations or the presence of recessive genes.

The first thornless durian was recorded in 2007 on the island of Lombok in eastern Bali. A smooth durian grows on a tree in a villager’s yard on the slopes of Mount Rinjani along with the common fruit with thorns. At first, the host family was afraid to eat durian fruit because they were afraid it was poisonous. The following season, when the tree again produced another thornless durian, the homeowner’s son decided to taste it and found it tasted like a normal durian.

After hearing the report, the local agricultural officer came to inspect the tree and cut the branches. They grafted branches to a durian tree in the office yard in the hope that it would grow more strange fruits. But the agricultural agency took 12 years and many grafting efforts to achieve the desired results.

The project to create spineless durian began in the village of Trenggaluh near Mount Rinjani in Indonesia, but it took more than a decade for the team to succeed when producing this strange fruit. According to the head of the research team, they had to select 23,000 seeds and only 2% of the seeds germinated and developed well, they called this plant Gundul durian.

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