Dubai’s Barren Desert Transformed by the Magnificent Kingdom of Giant Flowers

Located in the Arabian Ranches area, which is famous for its world-class buildings, Miracle flower garden is the pride of the people of Dubai. This is considered the largest flower garden in the world with an area of ​​​​about 70,000 m2 with more than 45 million colorful flowers, blooming brilliantly with unique and creative shapes.

People do not regret praising the flower garden as a garden of paradise on earth.

Panorama of “fairy garden” when viewed from above. @dubaimiraclegarden

Currently, the garden has about 45 kinds of flowers imported from all over the world and the flower clusters are changed to change the seasons to bring many new experiences to visitors.

Visitors can not help but be surprised with the peacocks, phoenixes, hearts, stars … with flowers. Besides, you can easily see that the familiar architectural works of the world are modeled here such as windmills, Eiffel Tower or Pyramids….

Each area, small flower gardens are meticulously cared for, creating a fairy beauty.


With a fence of windmills, a flower garden with parking, a sitting area, a prayer room and shops for visitors.

Many types of climbing flowers cover a beautiful model house like in a fairy tale

In addition to the splendid scenery, this attraction is also impressed by the unique underground irrigation system that recycles wastewater and prevents water from evaporating, saving 70% of water and energy needed.

Those who have ever set foot here are amazed by the beauty of the flower garden. You have to scream in surprise mixed with happiness: WOWWW! Heaven is real! It’s real! It’s a dreamy scene right in front of your eyes, enjoy it!

If you want to visit Dubai Miracle Garden, you can only go in from October to May because this is when the flower garden is open.

Youth is a journey and we never stop discovering. Summer is coming to an end, crazy legs wandering, souls who love freedom, love to travel, prepare your luggage carefully, ready to pack your backpack and fly to this fairyland right away!


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