Discovering the Unusual: Bizarre Images Created By Nature

Around us, there are always things that are special and unusual. Below are some images of strange landscapes, creatures that we have collected.

#1 The Owner Of The Photo Says: “I Suddenly Woke Up At Night And Found My Cat Sitting Like This And Looking At Me!”

#2 This Tree Root Shaped Like A Corpse

#3 They Must Hate Their Daughter

#4 The Shining Eyes Of Gators In The Eʋerglades

#5 This Street Lamp

#6 Definitely Mothman

#7 Guy Found A Glass Eye Embedded In A Rock At A Beach

#8 Sign

#9 He’s Free. We’re Doomed

#10 We Completely Understand The Public’s Concern

#11 Just Coмpleted This “BiƄlically Accurate” Angel Sculpture

#12 Hermit Crab Using A Discarded Doll Head For A Shell

#13 Yup, That Exist

#14 The Face Of A Port Jackson Shark

#15 Meeting Of The Mickey Mouse Clubs 1930’s

#16 This Freaks Me Out

#17 This Is What The Nerves Related To The Teeth Look Like

#18 Pterocarpus Angolensis, Or Wild Teak, Looks Like A Perfectly Norмal Tree Until It’s Wounded. When You Cut Into It, It DriƄƄles Long Trails Of Dark-Red Liquid Down Its Trunk. Wild Teak Has Coмe To Be Known As Bloodwood, For OƄʋious Reasons

#19 Here Are My Marfan’s Syndrome Hands

#20 !

#21 Blursed Close Up Of The Cosmos

#22 “Bathe In My Milk”

#23 Monkey Pox?

#24 Looks Like The Bed Is Infested With… Mice? Sperm? Fish?

#25 This Dentist Training Tool

#26 Mid Sneeze

#27 Don’t Know Where Else To Post This, But This Is The Original Yoda Puppet Today

#28 Well… At Least It’s Creatiʋe

#29 The Glory Hole Of Lake Berryessa. It Is A Drainage Pipe To Prevent Flooding

#30 This Jean Bag Chair

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