Denmark’s Extraordinary Giants: Uniquely Fashioned Wooden Statues Reimagined From Upcycled Materials

Danish artist Thomas Dambo uses wood scraps collected from around Copenhagen to create impressive giant sculptures.

Thomas Dambo, a Danish artist, uses skillful hands to combine wood scraps to create giant sculptures placed in many large areas.

By creating large-sized works of art, the young artist wants to convey joy and inspiration to people in reusing waste materials.

Let’s admire the giant works of art by Thomas Dambo:

Thomas Dambo’s works are often large in size, located in many areas around the world

The character Mikil is as strong as a dragon and is always ready to go on any path

The artist names each of his elaborate works. Isak buries himself in the snow next to his animal friends

Hektor el Protector became the “protector” of the inhabitants of the Culebra sea in Puerto Rico

Sigrid was sledding playfully on the hillside

The work is called “The world is in our hands” in Christiania, Denmark

The statue named Tilde is located among the forest trees

‘Joe the Guardian’ scouts and monitors to protect people in Chicago, USA.

Nora travels through the forest with her sled, the work is set in Belgium.

Unique giant wooden statues made from scrap in Denmark

Friendly Teddy helps locals cross the river safely.

Old Wise Woo plays the flute, bringing music to children in Korea.

Marit found a peaceful corner to observe life in China.

A mother’s hands care for her children

‘Little Nis is forever lost in his thoughts’

The more than 5 meter tall statue of Troels the Troll with arms holding a swing is a favorite place for children to play in the city of Horsens.

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