Compilation Of The Most Exquisite Coral Species Beneath The Depths Of The Ocean

1. Mushroom Coral – Mushroom Coral

Mushroom or mushroom coral is a type of invertebrate coral that is easy to play and easy to take care of, with a hyperactive personality. They have many other colors and different patterns such as red, orange, brown, blue, purple … To grow and develop well, you need a tank with moderate light, medium water flow. . Each coral mushroom when brought into the tank, usually mounted on a small piece of rock, and left in a space enough for them to grow, because they are quite active and grow very quickly.

Beo Mushroom Coral – 1 kind of national coral

2.Asterus Coral – Zoanthids Coral

This is a very common coral in play tanks, you can see it everywhere, from small tanks to large tanks, from general tanks to advanced tanks. Aster corals also known as Zoa or Zoan grow in a diffuse form, forming large, thick mats, the vast majority of them prefer moderate light, the more colorful species prefer strong light. , there are types that can withstand strong light from Metal lights. They can be placed in any position in the tank except where the light is too weak, the water flow is above average, if the stream is too strong, the polyps will be difficult to bloom.

Cuc Ao Coral will create a beautiful symbiotic carpet

3.Hammer Coral – Hammer Coral

Hammer Coral, also known as Euphyllia Hammer coral or Anchorage coral, Hammer coral, is a large hard coral (LPS). They got their name because of their hammer-shaped tentacles, which bloom day and night and hide in its skeleton. This type of coral is usually green, fawn, brown, purple or blue-violet, under the LED light looks extremely magical.

Hammer Coral with hammer-like tentacles

4.Elegance Coral

Elegance Coral, also known as Elegant Coral, Wonder Coral or Ridge Coral is one of the most popular corals in saltwater aquariums . In fact, in most of the tanks that we have set up from the past to now, the Flat is indispensable, very adaptable, easy to hatch, easy to live, easy to insert into rock crevices. The market price is also very cheap. This is really an option for beginner players .

Flat Coral – the coral of every home

5.Grail Coral – Brain Coral

Grail Coral is also known as Parific Rose Coral or Open Brain Coral. This type of coral possesses many different colors such as green, light blue, red, they are characterized by circles, folds, looking like a human brain. They are very adaptable to new aquariums and prefer low to medium light, so you should place them on a sandy bed, away from other corals, as they are very sensitive to stings from surrounding corals.

Brain Coral is shaped like a human brain

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