Behold the Giants: 20 Breathtaking Encounters with Earth’s Largest Animals

There are a few things in this world that send shivers down my spine. Firstly, it’s heights, and secondly, it’s those eerie, peculiar creatures. These are the kind of creatures whose purpose in existence remains a mystery, except to crawl around and give you the creeps. They could be bugs with repulsive fur or flying monsters with unsettling eyes. In my opinion, these are the types of animals that should be confined to the realm of movies and cartoons. Unfortunately, there exists an entire world of animals that remain unknown to most people. Personally, I feel incredibly fortunate that these bizarre beasts, or rather animals, don’t inhabit my surroundings. Well, at least I hope they don’t. Warning: If you dislike experiencing hair-raising moments, stomach-churning sensations, or sheer terror, you might want to steer clear of the following colossal animal pictures.

1. Meet Brutus, he is an 18 foot crocodile.

2. Just taking the trash out when you spot this humongous Coconut Crab.

3. How about a pig from China that weighs in an a whopping 1984 pounds?

4. This thing is not a fake, it is a flying fox from Bismarck.

5. Um… NO! This is a massive Japanese spider crab which can grow 12 feet wide and 42 pounds.

6. How would you like to run into this Nomura Jellyfish?

7.  This one is freaky. It is a Amazonian Centipede, this bad boy can grow up to 12 inches long.

8. This one isn’t so bad, it is a Flemish Giant.

9. This is Trigger. He is 6’5 and weighs in over 2200 lbs.

10. Meet George, he is the largest dog in the world. He stood 7 foot 3 inches, unfortunately he passed away in 2013.

11. This one makes my stomach turn. It is a Goliath Tarantula.

12. This is Rupert the cat, he weighs in at approx 25 lbs.

13.  This is the worlds longest anaconda weighing over 700 lbs.

14. This African Goliath frog is anything but ordinary, he eats birds for meals.

15. This huge thing is a freshwater stingray. He can grow up to 6′ and he weighs in at  1300 lbs.

16. These not so little guys are called an African Land Snail.

17. This is the Macroptychaster Sea Star, it grows up to 2 feet and can be found in the Antarctic waters.

18. This is Attacus Atlas. This guy is a large moth found in the tropical and subtropical forests of Southeast Asia.

19. This creepy guy is a Chinese Giant Salamander. They can grow 6 feet in length.

20. This is not a snake, it is an earthworm. The Giant Gippsland Earthworm can grow up to 6 feet long.

Personally, I find it quite comforting to be seated at my computer desk when I come across these enormous and unsettling images. It makes me appreciate the fact that I’m safely distanced from them. I have always preferred animals that are small, adorable, and amiable. Have you ever encountered an exceptionally massive creature yourself?

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